Celtic Cables – Gauge and Cable Knitting

Carol Feller, Craftsy instructor for Cable Knits, suggests that we think of our gauge swatches as an opportunity to try out the cables and understand them before we actually start knitting the project. I like that. So, a couple nights ago I knit along with her as she worked her way through the charts demonstration each cable and explaining the charts.

I felt like I was right there in the room with Ms. Feller and she was my personal instructor.

(my apologies for the hugely clashing red fingernails!)

The swatches are finished and I was able to get the correct gauge by moving down two needle sizes. I had a few concerns about my gauge and wondered if I should go up a size but was able to ask Ms. Feller about that. She thought I should stick with the smaller needles and if was a little snugger than I wanted I could just adjust add a wider button-band and block it a little larger.

Ms. Feller suggests using a cable a couple inches wider than the size you are knitting so that you can stretch out the cables flat so you can check the fit. My KnitPicks order arrived today with a longer Options cable for my interchangeable needles. Tonight I will be watching the next Celtic Cables video called CASTING ON and learning a new cast on technique. I love learning new techniques!

My KnitPicks box also had a couple new treat books to add to my knitting reference pile. I added The Principles of Knitting by June Hiatt and The Knitting Answer Book by Margaret Radcliffe. The backbone of the TKGA Master Knitting course is lots of required research. I almost feel like I’m back in college again!

3 Comments on “Celtic Cables – Gauge and Cable Knitting

  1. I started watching her short rows class- was thinking of doing her cables class. thanks for the heads up that it’s good. -although I’ve done cables before-that’s a good idea to do the cables in advance of the sweater.

  2. The class sounds interesting & it’s always fun to learn a new technique. Your red nails look great.

  3. I feel like you about the textbook thing; I signed up for Master Knitter Level 1 and had to buy references to research a lot of stuff I already knew. But I’m learning a lot of good new stuff, like 54+ ways to cast on, and a whole whack of different ways to cast off. and I am absolutely in love with duplicate stitching in my ends. Learning is good.

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