In Which the Mum is Entirely Surrounded by Water

It rained and it rained and it rained. And just as Piglet told himself, so I too am telingl myself that never in all my life, and I am goodness knows how old – never have I seen so much rain. Actually, this is far from true in my case but nonetheless, days and days of rain in the mountains have turned into warnings of flash floods and massive mudslides in fire ravaged terrain.

When the rain began we were asleep. It rained and rained throughout the night and I slept and slept well into mid-morning. I have had some sleepless nights lately and I think the rain helped me to get caught up on sleep.

I am not here all alone today with nothing to do except wonder when the rain will stop. Husband is working from home and Kenzie keeps wanting to go out and investigate. Just as rain is rather exciting to me, it is also exciting to her. She will never be a Very Small Animal Entirely Surrounded by Water who is anxious, it just isn’t in her temperament.  Last night she jumped in the bubble bath I was enjoying, enjoying that is until she jumped in.  Consequently, I won’t be taking her out with an umbrella over her head as my father-in-law does for his dogs because half the fun for her is getting wet.  I made her wear her cabled coat although I am not sure she likes it much.

The quaking aspen are starting to turn. The weather man reports 8-inches of snow on the top of Pikes Peak. If my thermometer drops a few more degrees this rain will turn to snow. I have a pair of wool socks on my feet and I am still in my warm pajamas. I know exactly what a day like today is for. It is time to pull out a project I have not worked on since July, my Girasole blanket.  Todays weather reminds me that soon, very soon, I will be wanting this blanket To Sit By The Fire.

And this rainy day has also drawn me to an old favorite, The Complete Tales of Winnie-the-Pooh.  I wanted to read once again the story In Which Piglet Was Entirely Surrounded by Water because, after all, NONE of us are too old for a little bit of Pooh!

10 Comments on “In Which the Mum is Entirely Surrounded by Water

  1. You have a lovely blog ! I have enjoyed reading some of your post and those socks I am going to give a try. I too live in Colorado but on the front range and it is cool and raining here today….oh glory! It has been way too hot this summer and fall is in the air !

  2. I agree whole-heartedly, that none of us are too old for a bit of Pooh. Now, I love that little Westie Coat, seriously adorable. Fire followed by hard rain? Same here !!!! (except we haven’t had any major fires in Napa County yet this season, knock on wood) . I hope it’s an early Autumn. Some of the BigLeafMaple leaves are falling, crumply when you walk on them…. but we have nothing like your quaking Aspen.

  3. Oh, I’m jealous! We have just a bite of crispness here in new England and I’m ready for fall! Have you read the Tao of pooh? Or the zen of piglet? My favorites!

  4. Pooh is very much for grown-ups – I’ve been contemplating my copy lately too.
    Nice blanket for a raining day. Enjoy the fall.

  5. Beautiful photographs! Your little pup in his sweater is just adorable and the picture of the trees is gorgeous. What colors you get to enjoy!

  6. That dog coat is absolutely gorgeous!
    My son recently read through the winnie the pooh books and absolutely loved them. So I had to smile a little, that you were re-reading them even as an adult.
    The colour in those trees is so pretty, and that blanket you’re working on… wow. Gorgeous!

  7. Love the cable coat that Kenzie is wearing. Seasons do change fast. It’s spring here & it starting to warm up very quickly & I miss winter.

  8. I love love love Winnie the Pooh – I need to read throuugh it again myself – and I’ve forgotten about piglet being surrounded by water – I especially want to read that again – it’s been a little bit of water around me lately. And I love the shot of your puppy looking outside – Laska the Love kitty does that too – but we’ve been out in the rain – and he wants nothing to do with it – he can stay there for a while but he doesn’t have much forbearance for water from the sky. I always enjoy reading you! I want socks 🙂 thank you, and God bless and keep you and each and every one of yours Rebecca.

  9. A New Englander currently visiting the mountains of NC – expecting two full days of rain ahead…and you’re so right. Sit still, enjoy and get some knitting done! That Kenzie is a lucky pup!

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