Sitting Under an Aspen Tree Reading

I have a favorite place to sit and read in the Fall, it is under an aspen tree in a grove next to my house.  The leaves shimmer in the breeze and are golden in the sun against bright blue skies this time of year.  The temperature is perfect and I am still able to sit outside without a jacket.  I could easily nap under these trees but today I am enjoying words woven into a story that holds promise This afternoon, as I admired a fallen golden leaf on the ground, I discovered that I am not the first to enjoy this spot.  There was a rusted pencil sharpener lying amongst the golden leaves.

It is possible that this pencil sharpener is mine from a bygone day but it is more likely that it belonged to one of my girls.  They used to work on schoolwork under this tree when they were young, at least a decade ago.  It is easy to daydream on a day like today and let my thoughts drift back to pleasant memories of when we all lived together under one roof.

I just started Little Bee by Chris Cleave and can’t tell you much about it yet.  The publishers were very secretive about the plot saying they wanted the story to unfold in a magical way for you.  I’ll tell you more about it in a future Yarn Along.

I have finished a hat for my knitting buddy who is going through chemo therapy for breast cancer.  She shaved her head last weekend in preparation for the inevitable hair loss.  She said it is better to do this before you start seeing clumps of hair fall out.  Being a knitter, she is well stocked with warm hats but knew the bond of friendship we share would lead me to knit a special hat filled with well wishes.  She picked Shedir and I knit it with Rowan Calmer, a soft cotton yarn that will be easy on her head.  It is a pretty hat and I enjoyed knitting it although I will forewarn you that it is not one that you can just whip out in a hurry.

Joining Ginny and her reading buddies on a Yarn Along today and looking forward to seeing what books they are reading.

5 Comments on “Sitting Under an Aspen Tree Reading

  1. Lovely hat & you are just as lovely to knit for a friend. I used to have a sharpener (blue) like that when I was in school decades ago.

  2. You’ve got a lucky friend there. The hat is just beautiful. Sending comforting thoughts her way.

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