Ten on Tuesday………

The Taos Wool Festival was a wonderful and filled with all kinds of wooly goodness.  I’m almost positive I can find at least ten things to share with you guys so I’m joining Carole Knits today with her Tuesday topic, Ten Things I Did This Weekend.

1.  I stayed in an incredible adobe home in the historic district of Taos, New Mexico.  It was close to the Convention Center where all the classes were being held and, even more importantly, was  perfect for late night knitting to wind down our days.  Unfortunately, I failed to take any pictures.  I wanted to wait until the morning hours but when those hours came was too excited about getting to either our class or the vendor fair.

2.  Learned how to spin with Abby Franquemont, the spinning expert who wrote Respect the Spindle.  Went to class afraid to pick up a spindle I bought several years ago and eight hours later left feeling more confident and excited about a new hobby.  Of course, this picture is not me……but maybe soon.

3.  Chattered away to some beautiful llamas as if they understood me  or are these alpacas?  Whatever they were, they sure were cute!

4.  Watched a sheep sheering demonstration and thought, “If only my Westie were this co-operative in our grooming sessions!”

5.  Admired some sheep and thought it would be pretty cool to have my own yarn-supplying-animal.

6.  Saw a beautiful angora rabbit and wondered if the owner’s jacket had a bit its fur spun into yarn and woven in.

7.  Ran my hands across some interesting yarn which was very bright but definitely not mohair just as the sign stated!  Who am I kidding?  I don’t know what yarn comes from what source in this fiber world but I’m learning.

8.  Watched many spinners spinning on there wheels and wondered if I need to spin this way instead of with a spindle.

9.  Chuckled at some colorful felted hats and chuckled again when, later, I saw two elderly ladies wearing some.

10.  Enjoyed walking around the vendor tents and enjoyed being in the presence of many fiber folk.  Totally stoked!  Awesome weekend!

2 Comments on “Ten on Tuesday………

  1. Looks like a great weekend. I started spinning on a spindle & then moved on to a wheel. Spinning on a spindle helped me in the drafting which I think will be more difficult on a wheel. So by the time, I tried the wheel, drafting was not an issue.

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