November the First

…..and I have a plan, a plan to finish five UFO’s before January the First.  Entering the New Year without these projects haunting me from knitting baskets, project bags and yarn cupboards is so compelling that I think it will happen but

Despite the fact that I have far too many projects on the needles which gives the appearance of an undisciplined knitter, I’m actually pretty structured in my daily knitting regime.  A typical day for me would be working on three projects a day – one in the morning, one in the afternoon and another at night.  If I’m out and about I give up that knitting slot.  If I’m home I sneak knitting in here and there as I’m going about the things that must get done at home.  The morning knitting project is a UFO, the afternoon project is knitting project to be gifted and the evening knitting is all about me.  Sounds crazy but it works for this ex-computer-programmer-turned-gadget-girl!

And Thursdays?  Well, I think I will just have to bring back UFO Thursdays and dedicate it solely to that purpose, working on those five UFOs that must be finished by January the First.  Maybe I should call it January the First Thursdays and bring out two movies on Thursdays.  Now, by now you are most likely shaking your head saying, ‘She is one odd cookie’ and I assure you, you won’t be the first who has thought that!

Today I am working on Jared Flood’s exquisite Girasole.  It was supposed to have been my massive Camp Loopy Summer project but my eyes were way too big for my ability.  I’m on the final chart before the starting the edging.  Each row is now taking well over an hour to complete having 640 stitches in each row.

The yarn is Cascade Eco Alpaca which is very, very soft.  This will be a splendid afghan to keep me warm when the snow starts falling with regularity in December.  And, I appreciate this yarn all the more now that I’m spinning alpaca with my drop spindle.  It is far softer than the Corriedale I’m spinning on another.

And speaking of spindling, I am really enjoying it now that my hands have caught on to what they are to do when.  It was really awkward initially but now I find it quite relaxing.  I haven’t ventured beyond ‘park and draft’ and I have a few questions about how to proceed.  Maybe I will ask those here and some lone spindler will see them and help me out.

So what about you?  Do you have UFOs haunting you?  Wouldn’t it be nice to enter 2013 with a few less?

3 Comments on “November the First

  1. What a beautiful UFO to have! I have two that need to be finished and hope to find the time soon 🙂 PS…I love the crewel work behind your spindle!

  2. I have at least two knitting UFOs. Maybe you can help me. I get the worst back aches when I knit. I can bead all day long with no problems. The knit shop ladies said I’m too tight. I really need to finish up my afghan and a cowl. Any ideas?

    Your UFO is beautiful. I really wish I could knit with no pain and a bit more speed. I guess I should be happy with my beading skills, right?

  3. Your Girasole looks lovely. I also work on 2-3 projects a day so that I have some variety and not be bored by a single project. Your handspun alpaca looks good. I started spinning on a spindle and now spins on a wheel.

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