A Month of Fridays – Portulaca and Magic Looping

Up early this morning with the new puppy and caught the sun rising off a frosted deck. One benefit of having a puppy around is starting my day a little earlier. I never thought I would say that but there, I just did. At nine weeks he is sleeping through the night which I am thankful for but when he is ready to get up he is really ready.

Puppies? What can I say? They are a lot of work!  This one has one terrific ‘assistant-mom ‘ who is willing to let her stay in her home for a while instead of his owner’s home, my daughter’s apartment. Dear daughter’s crazy-long nursing hours are not exactly the best schedule for a young pup so I’m helping her out. She does, of course, run the risk that he just may have to live with me forever. Who can resist falling in love with a golden retriever?

I have spent considerable time this week working on my Portulaca cardigan. I’ve finished the body all the way up to where the raglan sleeves will be joined and I just started the first sleeve. Having recently learned the Magic Loop method of knitting in the round I’m using it to knit the sleeves.

I am really glad that I finally took the time to learn this method because I have a smooth circle with no loose stitches which is something that happens between double point needle changes.

Magic Loop is a method using a very long circular needle, instead of double point needles, to knit small circumferences in the round.  It is best to use a circular needle with a thin, flexible cable that is approximately three to four times the circumference of the knitting.  My Signature Needles are PERFECT for this technique with their amazing cable cords!

You might have noticed my archaic method of keeping track of increases on my sleeve. Are you surprised that a gadget girl would not be using one of her fancy-pants gadgets to keep track? Knit Companion is still my favorite and I did use it for the body of the sweater. Although it is capable of keeping track of those increases I still find I can just ‘see’ the placement of those better using my little grid along the side and ticking off the rows as I work them. Before I even start I go in and put a little circle in the box where the increases are to be. If my arm looks like it is going to be too long then I can just erase those circles and adjust there at the end.

I plan to watch a movie today and work on the sleeve. If I’m really, really lucky I might catch two movies but with a puppy…..well….it is highly unlikely.

Happy Knitting!

5 Comments on “A Month of Fridays – Portulaca and Magic Looping

  1. Love your blog and the new puppy is gorgeous. I’d never be able to give him up. Tried looking up Portucala sweater on Ravelry but not there. It is gorgeous. What is the source if you can say?

  2. Such a beautiful color. I have been using magic loop method for fingerless gloves, so much easier!

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