Joy Dare 2012

It seems like my mind is always thinking about something. I have found that if I think about something often enough I won’t be able to stop thinking about it. This often leads me down a path I shouldn’t be going down….especially if it involves anything related to knitting. I will get my mind fixed on some new project that I saw someone knitting, or some pretty yarn, or some knitting gadget and you can probably guess what happens.

Are you familiar with the following saying?

Sow a thought, reap an action
sow an action, reap a habit
sow a habit, reap a character
sow a character, reap a destiny


One single thought can be vital to finding peace. Capturing one’s thoughts is essential in guarding one’s mind from going down a negative path. When I find myself heading down a negative thought process and I become aware of it I have a little mantra I repeat to myself, “Take your thoughts captive, old girl!

Of course, I didn’t come to this knowledge on my own. And, it has taken a lifetime to put into practice this principle and, believe me,  I am far from mastering it. The apostle Paul knew that our thought life was vital to finding peace. He exhorts us in the Good Book to guide and guard our thoughts.

“Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy – meditate on these things'”
Philippians 4:8

Counting things in my life I can be thankful for daily is one more step I am using to help me guard my thoughts and take them captive. I have not been sharing them as frequently with you as I once did but I reached the halfway point to ONE THOUSAND this week so thought I would share. Counting to 1000 is my goal and my hope is that it will be a well ingrained habit by the time I reach the end.  I’ve enjoyed this Joy Dare 2012 journey.

Three Gifts of Remembrance
483. The service of all U.S. military veterans who have fought for our freedom.
484. Remembrance Day (Armistice Day) celebrated in other parts of the world marking the anniversary of the signing of the armistice that ended World War 1.
485. Remembering my husband’s grandfather who fought in that war.

486. A beautiful drive to knit with new friends who share my faith, my heart soars at the beauty in the vistas around me and I am so thankful for where I live and these new friends.
487. A town 15 minutes away that sits high in the mountains towering over some of them at 9438 feet, a town where the city charter allows donkeys to roam through its streets.
488. Knitting in a church that has ministered to saints for more than a century and being blessed to participate in one of its ministries, a prayer shawl ministry.

489. Puppy naps.
490. Prayer that perfumes every relationship.
491. Thinking hard on D. L. Moody’s words, “…it is your duty not only to be good, but to shine…even in your deepest griefs, rejoice in God. As waves phosphoresce, let joys flash from the swing of the sorrows of your soul.”

Three Hard Eucharisteos
492. Not being there when her first teeth come in but thankful for text messages and pictures.
493. Watching pain that age brings to my parents’ bodies but knowing they have set their eyes on heaven and will endure.
494. Missing my daughter who lives far away but knowing praying for her is sometimes better than being there.

Three Gifts of Laughter I am thankful for-
495. when a man sees me spinning brown roving with my drop spindle and stops to ask if I’m fixing a run in my nylons
496. when I read that people are hoarding Twinkies
497. when the timer on Catch Phrase starts ticking faster and faster and faster

Thankful for the gifts of
498. the geese flying in for a landing on the pond
499. the pups exploring a huge fenced in yard where they can run crazy-wild
500. acorns in my hand bringing back childhood memories of warm gingerbread and pretending the acorns were brown people with funny hats on their heads

501. and once again, acorns but this time reminding me that my Heavenly Father keeps me in the palm of His hand
502. this moment, this place – right where I’m supposed to be
503. dog snuggled at my feet and the steady breathing of hubby beside me


Counting my blessings on the Monday of Thanksgiving week on a Journey of JOY.

2 Comments on “Joy Dare 2012

  1. a praying mom is such a gift! keep it up! I’m sure she is grateful. blessings from a daughter in Uganda

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