Joy Dare on a Cyber Monday


504. Purple crepe myrtle flowers dropped and gone but leaving behind beauty.
505. Fallen leaves all about – on the ground, in the process of falling and blowing in front of triumphant puppy paws that finally catch them
506. Orange, red and yellow hues brilliant in the sunlight

507. Sweet puppy face that makes puppy teeth bearable.
508. Long puppy eyebrows that Papaw says we need to trim making us laugh and wonder if we really are supposed to do this
509. Him telling Allison that golden retrievers are the prettiest dogs there are and he will grow up to be ‘real pretty’

510. morning sunlight shining through trees which keep me mesmerized in the shades of autumn
511. hot coffee in a Dansk coffee mug drawing me back to the time of being a young bride
512. faithful Westie resting from her explorations, what a gift she has been to me!
513. wee lass and young pup running to me when I call them, thankful they are learning to play well and obey

514. Seeing the moon above the red tiled roof.
515. The red tiled roof bringing memories of Italy and how thankful we were to make that trip ……
516. Faith around the world and the voice of martyrs through the ages making our faith so much easier to lay hold of and so much easier to take for granted.

515. Beautiful leaves against a blue sky.

516. for those who came to our country four hundred years ago so that they could worship freely
517. for my mother’s Simpich Thanksgiving dolls that I still love
518. for traditional food, time with family both here and on the phone…..and of course, for a football game we never miss

519. Thankful for my mom, ever loving and always game to do something – even taking pups to play in the lake.
520. for beautiful trees of all colors along the lake
521. for brave pups and pups just learning to swim
A Holy Experience

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