Yarn Along and Hostess Gifts

Joining Ginny this morning with all the other bookworms on a YARN ALONG…..

I am about half-way through Edith Wharton’s Age of Innocence and hope to give you a review next week but today I want to ask you a question. The main character in my book is caught up in following the etiquette of his time. Social norms are challenged when his fiancé ‘s European cousin appears on the scene with European notions.

I started thinking about some of our current day customs like, appropriate for this time of year, the giving of hostess gifts when we go to someone’s house for dinner or a party or maybe for an extended visit. So, my question to you is what is the most thoughtful hostess gift you’ve ever received?

Knitting? Well, it is the season of gift giving and I am in the midst of it knitting away. Here is a peek at the yarn that I will be looking at and sliding through my fingers over the next few weeks. Cashmere – yummy!

20121128-083249.jpgDon’t forget to let me know what your most thoughtful hostess gift has been so I can get some new ideas other than the standard bottle of wine. 🙂

8 Comments on “Yarn Along and Hostess Gifts

  1. Your lucky friends! I actually need to get a pair of fingerless gloves done and I have that cashmerino to do it!

  2. I have hosted several holiday parties over the years, and you know what?…I have never actually received a hostess gift. You know what I think would be perfect though – something for the next day – cinnamon buns for breakfast, an easy casserole to heat up for lunch (or dinner). After all the fuss of a large gathering, it usually takes me most of the next day to clean up and not having to worry about one of the meals would be great.

  3. It’s our culture to bring a hostess gift and it’s usually food. One of the most thoughtful gift that I received was from a nephew who knows that I love flowers. He gave me a pot of flowers and it is sitting right next to a window and blooming all year round. Every time I looked at the flowers, I feel so good and thankful for having such a thoughtful nephew.

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