Out of Ivory Palaces

Humility.  Where has it gone to in our society?  Humility is a character trait that I greatly admire in others when I see it.  Nurturing a heart of humility is something I want to do because I know it is a virtue highly treasured by God.  I’ve mentioned before how I often struggle with the whole concept of blogging and whether or not I should continue doing so.   I often ask myself if, by showing and talking about the things I knit, I am truly demonstrating a heart of humility.  If a month passes without a post then you will know I have finally answered that question in my heart of hearts.

I read some sobering words this week from the pen of another:

A spirit of humility is very rare in our day of strong-willed, proud-as-a-peacock attitudes.  The clenched fist has replaced the bowed head.  The big mouth and the surly stare now dominate the scene once occupied by the quiet godliness of the “poor in spirit.”

These words were read shortly before I heard of the horrible shooting in Connecticut this week.  How many ‘clenched fists’ do we have in our society, how many more shootings will there be by people who have hearts filled with anger?

I fought hard to search for JOY this week and I found it.  The gifts are always there just waiting for me to see them.  They may not sound trivial to you but they continue to give me a heart soaring with JOY.  I’m only half-way through counting to  ONE THOUSAND and they keep on coming………….


Three Gifts White
530. SNOW on Pikes Peak, so welcomed and so beautiful.
531. SNOW on Kenzie’s nose bringing smiles as I watch her play in it with delight.
532. SNOW in a favorite planter, a season behind me welcoming an incoming season.


533. thankful for stockings that tell the Story and
534. for finding out-of-print patterns to stitch and continue that story
535. for a door left open by accident being God’s provision


536. Thankful for a new book to read through Advent
537. And the continued tradition of lighting candles even though we are but two
538. And for stories that whisper His name


539. for Beth, my dear friend through life and eternity
540. and her recommendation of a book with words that make me travel to Scotland and dream
541. and long visits on the phone when the mind is weary and the tongue gets all tied up but it is still good to share and to love


542. for hubby and daughter helping me prepare my house for a knitting marathon this weekend
543. for knitting buddies who inspire me and share the common language of knitting
544. for incoming snow so we can knit by a roaring fire and watch two seasons of Downton Abbey and finish those Christmas gifts


545. for a year of sunrises not only to knit into a hat but to make my heart swell with thanksgiving
547. for watching the sun peek its head over the mountains in different spots on the horizon as the seasons have changed
548. for the reminder that, just as the sun continues to appear on the horizon with steadfast faithfulness, so is the faithfulness of God in my life – always there, never leaving me.


549. doggies watching from the front door as I
550. walk around a beautiful crystal cathedral in my yard
551. out of ivory palaces into the world of woe, only a great eternal love made my Savior go

4 Comments on “Out of Ivory Palaces

  1. I’m thankful for blogs like yours….

    Yes, blogging can be considered boasting….but it can also be considered (by the readers of the blog) to be inspiring, affirming, questioning, influential, informative, enabling (?!?)….I could go on an on…..each reader takes from it what they need.

    IF a reader thought that a blog was boasting….why would they be there reading?

    When a blogger admits that something isn’t working, whether a knit project that isn’t coming out as planned, or a cake that doesn’t rise….well, isn’t that showing humility….they we are all human?

    The final choice of course is yours….if you think that blogging isn’t fulfilling your needs…then you must make a decision…we all have choice.

    The fact that there are angry people in the world….most of them deal with their anger in ways that are acceptable to society….but when someone is angry, and they are disturbed and out of control….and they have access to weapons….well, what happened is a likely outcome.

    Your blog adds to the world, it doesn’t detract…..I would miss you if you quit blogging, but of course the choice is yours.

  2. Today, you inspired me to look for joy and be joy in the world. Without that reminder, I might have forgotten.

  3. Beautiful post, thanks. Humility is something I need to work on as well. Thanks for the reminder of the beauty in this world and in our Colorado.
    Your knitting is wonderful, I would be sad if you stopped posting.

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