Yarn Along with Sleeping Pups


It is a cold, blustery, snowy day here in the mountains of Colorado beckoning me to stay in my Black Watch flannel gown all day long. I’ve accepted that offer and am warm and cozy knitting away on some last Christmas gifts. The dogs are cooperating with me today and for this I’m extremely grateful. They both have found their favorite spots in which to rest as I spend some time knitting cashmere into my daughter’s PASHA hat. Just a few days now and all this madness of Christmas knitting will be over, not that I mind too much. I just don’t like to work against deadlines.



Winter Solstice continues to be a cozy winter read. I smiled as Rosamund Pilcher described one of her characters because I could readily identify.

She got a lot of satisfaction writing, with her best pen, on the thick creamy paper. She had a passion for notebooks, paper, pens, the smell of ink , all the tools of writing. Stationary shops were her most favourite, and she seldom emerged from one without a little box of coloured paper clips, a pocket of postcards, or a new red-ink Biro.”

I have no idea what a “Biro” is but it made me want to go out to a stationary shop and buy one. Of course, I would probably need to make a trip to the UK to do so!

Joining Ginny today for a quick post. This elf needs to get back to work!

Yarn Along

4 Comments on “Yarn Along with Sleeping Pups

  1. I just want to say that I am happy you’ve not left your friends here who are inspired by each and every post you make ; your wisdom, your cheer, your smile, your creativity, your lovely home and family and pets… the blogging world would have a gaping hole in the shape of Your Blog, impossible to darn. Bless you and Happy Christmas !

  2. I would love to spend my time knitting with those 2 cute dogs by my side. Hope your Christmas knitting are all done. Biro is a ball point pen and we use them quite a lot in school.

  3. Biro is just a short form or slang name for ballpoint pen……I too have a problem with stationery…love to buy it, but don’t want to use it……I might mess it up…..gosh …how strange is that!

  4. I had to smile when I saw the puppy under the tree as we have a five month old Golden who thinks it is the cosiest spot in the house to nap!
    Your blog continues to be a great source of inspiration and enjoyment.

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