Elf Knitting Revealed

Christmas is over and all elf knitting has been gifted and , I think, well received. It will be nice to pull out some projects I had set aside before the Christmas knitting and get back to them again. My mind has been a whirl of new ideas for the upcoming year. I will let them simmer in my brain over the next week and share them when the new year rings in.

My daughter looked beautiful in her Christmas hat today. She says I’m biased but I don’t agree with her. Some people are made to wear hats and some are not. She is one of the fortunate ones.


The pattern was one of Jane Richmond’s designs called Pasha. I used Sublime Cashmere DK and it was a dream to knit with, very soft. The neutral color she chose will work with just about any outfit.
Hubby got a new pair of socks for which he is always grateful. This man loves hand knit wool socks and what knitter can resist a request for socks instead of one for expensive gifts.

Now I must confess that I sorely missed the mark on these socks. I planned to knit the Classic Socks from Two at a Time Socks but got hopelessly tangled in the tails from said socks as I tried to knit them the Magic Loop way on one very long circular needle. Hats off to any knitter who is able to do this. If I ever meet you I will take you to Starbucks and treat you to some delicious concoction of your choice and sing you highest of praise. Me on the other hand? I failed miserably and pitched one of the socks and knit them one at a time on that long looped circular needle which actually broke before I was finished.

I also had a problem with the pattern. The smallest size would have been huge on my husband’s size twelve feet. I had to downsize the numbers by one repeat. I suppose I could have gone down to a size zero needle but really dislike using anything under 2.25mm.

My mother said she liked her beaded shawl. She likes sparkly things and I think it will sparkle along with her pretty blue eyes.

Do you have special knitting plans as you wind down 2012? I do. I’m going to work diligently on the Colorado Sunrise Hat and finish it up. The colors in the sunrise are different in the wintertime so I’ve new colors to add. I’m going to watch some of my Craftsy classes to inspire me all over again. One class has a cardigan project and one a lace shawl, both need finishing. And there is a photography class to finish watching with a final project that will take a year to complete.

What do you have going on this last week of the year?


3 Comments on “Elf Knitting Revealed

  1. Beautiful gifts ! Yes, I have a lot of projects which have been waiting for the New Year. I can’t wait to see your Colorado Sunrise Hat !

  2. I agree with you, you’re daughter rocks every hat you knit for her. She has the perfect hat face.
    Hope you had a lovely christmas and a wonderful new year.

  3. Beautiful hand knit presents. Your daughter looks great in the hat. I am not very keen on the magic loop technique for 2 socks at a time and still prefer dpns.

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