Nine Months of Sunrises

Last night, as we watched our annual New Year’s Eve movie, Jeremiah Johnson, I finished the pompom for my Colorado Sunrise Hat and sewed it on the tippy top. I thoroughly enjoyed this project last year. Once or twice a week I would rise early to greet the sun with my camera and tripod. I would then pick my favorite photograph and run it through an online color generator which would pull colors from the photo and create a color palette. Using those colors and Mary Jane Mucklestone’s book, 200 Fair Isle Motifs, I would select a motif and knit that sunrise into my stocking cap. It was great fun!

















10 Comments on “Nine Months of Sunrises

  1. You should be right proud of yourself ! I am !!! Just lovely and so innovative and ‘retro’.

  2. Wonderful pictures and a gorgeous cap! Love the pompom. I admire your endurance. Happy New Year!

  3. Becky you did a marvelous job on this. Looking forward to doing a project with this group……

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