Yarn Along and Thinking of Ireland

Joining Ginny this morning on a Yarn Along ……


Having just finished Yellow Raft on Blue Water and having had a great discussion with my book club about it, I can report that I found it a worthwhile read. Many in my group, including myself, were uncomfortable with the dysfunctional family aspect of the book and that proved to be a barrier for some to truly appreciate what the author was conveying in his writing. I found that he was a master in weaving the three separate stories of three generations of Native American women into one ‘braid’ so to speak. I found myself pondering the book often which is always a good sign and my take-away was that we need to be careful forming opinions of others because we never know the rocky trails their life has taken them on.

It was interesting to hear how others in the group interpreted things throughout the book so I could readily see the benefits of being in a book club. The book was truly ‘fleshed out’ and I walked away with even more to think about. One lady had researched the author and I was amazed at the similarities between his own life and the book’s story. Another lady had read the story thirty years ago and had related to a younger character and this time had related to the older one. And it was interesting to see how our culture had changed in those thirty years toward different social norms in the book. And, of course, the best thing about being in a book club is that you read books you would not necessarily be drawn to so it broadens your horizons. Enough said. If it sounds intriguing then check out your local library, I’m certain they will have one.

20130123-111617.jpgThis week I am thinking of Ireland and doing some research on a trip we have planned later this spring. I’m knitting green things, a Holden shawlette in some lovely hand painted yarn and finishing up Portulaca which is a design by an Irish designer. I will also be knitting Dubliner for the Loopy Ewe First Quarter Challenge.


If you have been to Dublin and have something I.must.see.or.do then please leave a comment and let me know. I have already located a yarn shop that carries Studio Donegal and Hedgehog Fibers important things first!

5 Comments on “Yarn Along and Thinking of Ireland

  1. Hello Rebecca, I am a long time ” lurker” fan of your lovely blog, and since you asked for advice regarding Dublin, I thought I’d send you a note. I visited Dublin years ago and advise you ( if you plan to be driving) to take a small pair of binoculars. We discovered that the street signs are on the buildings at various heights, not consistent from street to street, and are often hard to see – and there were often two small signs: one in English and one in Gallic – making it even harder to follow direction. Having my husband drive and me reading the signs with the binoculars was a great help. If by some small miracle Ireland has adjusted the signs to be more readable, you can always use the binoculars to bird- watch! Another great thing to see is the national art museum in Dublin. There was an entire room of icons which was incredible, best and most numerous that I’ve ever seen. there was another room full of self portraits painted by Irish artists. Great thing was that there were several portraits of each artist painted at various times in their life so you could see their transformation with age and skill. Really wonderful. Wishing you a happy, safe trip full of great memories! Kind regards, Lynn in Pittsburgh, Pa

  2. Hi Becky, I’ve been to Ireland, way back in “94 I think. I’ll dig out my bin on the trip throughEngland, Scotland and Ireland and bring in pictures etc. See you on Saturday.

  3. The Chester Beatty museum is amazing (and a great place for lunch as well).

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