The Mum Organizes Her Magazines and Newspapers

My busy (knitting) schedule can make it difficult to keep up with my favorite magazines and my husband’s newspapers. I don’t always have time to sit down and read, so the stacks of periodicals placed in baskets throughout my house grows and grows without being sorted and tossed.

I keep thinking I will get to it soon, but this morning I realized that the pile has grown too large and there is no way I can possibly get caught up on all that reading.  In fact, most of my ‘magazine’ reading gets done in the tub as evidenced by the water-warped cover of this Spring 2009 Interweave.

I investigated some ideas on how to keep that pile from growing out of control and have ‘a plan’ to implement:

  • Toss or donate all magazines more than one year old.  Today I am checking each room in the house for old magazines.

Now I will declare to everyone reading this that I will never, ever toss an Interweave Knits magazine……ever.  Nor will I toss ‘special’ magazines like this ‘Special Monkey Edition’ of the UK Country Living that Eva sent me during the last Monkey Sock Swap that I hosted.

  • Toss all newspapers more than one month old.

This won’t be a problem.  Today I am using some of those newspapers to do this because a storm is brewing over Pikes Peak and a blizzard is on its way.

  • Toss all sale flyers and catalogs that are expired or out of the current season.  I need to make it a practice to immediately toss sale flyers for stores where I never shop.  If I find something in a flyer that I want to purchase, I will clip it out right away, put it on my To Do List and slide it in my dayplanner pocket.

The only problem I will have with this is when there is an adorable sweater on the back of a catalog that I think I can re-create on my knitting needles………

  • Clip what I need from old magazines and then toss or donate them.  (I’m definitely clipping this sweater!)

I’ve always saved my Southern Living magazines for the recipes but have recently discovered that you can go to the Southern Living site for every recipe they have ever put in a magazine.

  • Designate a specific home for the current issues that are left.  I guess my magazines will go into the basket under my end table and the newspapers will continue to stay in their newspaper basket.


I don’t have many magazine subscriptions but the ones I have I am keeping, like Interweave Knits.  I need to have something  to do while I’m soaking in those bubble baths at the end of the day, right?  Incidentally, I wonder if Ravelry has caused IK’s sales to drop?

The amount of money spent producing catalogs amazes me.  My mailbox is filled weekly with these catalogs and daily during the Christmas season.  I don’t think it was like this when I was growing up.  In fact, all I ever remember my family getting was a yearly J.C. Penny catalog, a Sears catalog and a Walter Drake catalog.

Advertising is the art of convincing people to spend money they don’t have on something they don’t need.

—-Will Rogers

6 Comments on “The Mum Organizes Her Magazines and Newspapers

  1. For those sweaters you think you can recreate I highly recommend cutting those out as well and pasting them into an “idea” notebook. Then when you get to the point of choosing yarn and colors etc. you can even add in snippets of the yarns you are considering or even swatches!

  2. You are so organised! My problem is with my husband who keeps everything he reads & would not toss anything away.

  3. Actually, I’ve been wondering for a long time whether Interweave has cut production – magazines seem to run out sooner on the book shelves at my local supermkts and craft stores – in order to create more sales of individual patterns. Ravelry is just another outlet for free advertising.

  4. Do you have a scanner? You could scan those pictures you find inspiring and save them easily to a folder on your computer. If not, just snap a photo with your camera. This will save you all those piles and be easier and more organized to find later. 🙂

  5. Somewhere on the internet is a site to opt out of catalogs that you don’t want to receive. It really cuts down on the piles that arrive!It also saves a lot of waste if you end up just tossing just them out. Of course I am not organized enough to remember the site name! I just recently went thru my piles of “ideas” and cut them way down by thinking to myself: Cool pattern, but if I live to be 500 will I ever truly use it: It is painful but does help a little.Now I only have to live to 400.

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