Master Knitting and Pattern Tweeking

Small things are just about all I have been able to focus on this last week.   Nothing too complex, nothing that requires deep concentration but tasks that a flu wracked body can handle.  Yesterday afternoon I spent time re-visiting the design software on my laptop called Intwined  so that I could make some long overdue revisions to the Guernsey Potato Peel Hat.  I made those revisions last night and uploaded it to Ravelry so the new PDF should go out to everyone who has downloaded the pattern in the past.


download now

This pattern is free on Ravelry so if you have a hankering to ‘color ‘with your stash yarn then you might give this simple project a try.  Other color possibilities are dancing  around in my head  so there just might be a Potato Peel post in the near future.


Today was another lazy day trying to knock this bug out of my system.  I pulled out the TKGA Master Knitting course that should have been finished last year, blew off the dust and was pleasantly surprised to find there were only two cable swatches and one color work swatch left to knit.  Of course, I still have half the questions to research, the final hat project and the final research paper before I’m done but if I put my hand to the plow I could easily have this finished this month.

Swatch #15 has given me a few problems.  This is the swatch to test whether you can follow directions p.r.e.c.i.s.e.l.y and to see how you can clearly write the pattern for what you knit.  I won’t belabor you with details other than to state it is to be a cable of our own choosing with a couple repeats fitting within very specific measurements.  I first read the part about the repeat wrong and had a lovely little 4″ Saxon braid going until I re-read the directions.  The second attempt resulted in the cable portion being just a half-inch too long. I didn’t frog it but hung it on my project board.


I kept the same cable for the third go round but this time dropped a needle size.  So far it is looking pretty good and the reverse stockinette looks much crisper.


It’s a process, folks and is teaching me invaluable lessons!

I found this particular cable in Alice Starmore’s Aran Knitting. As I thumbed through the initial historical section,  admiring several museum pieces, I was thrilled to see that the eleven Aran sweaters photographed are in the MUSEUM OF IRELAND in Dublin!  This will most certainly be added to our list of tourist attractions for our upcoming trip and I will read in careful detail Aran Knitting.

2 Comments on “Master Knitting and Pattern Tweeking

  1. Beautiful hat!! I admire you for doing the TKGA master knitting course. I’ve wanted to do that but never seem to find the time. Your swatch looks great, I love cables!

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