Joy Dare 2013


28. For the last swatch, knit twice but finished at last
29. For the completion of the final project, the mitten with the cuff I thought I would never figure out, knit five times over but f-i-n-I-s-h-e-d.
30. For all the writing, proof reading and editing and the knowledge acquired in the process

31. for the finishing and mailing of THE BINDER
32. for knowing I gave it my all and for the working of humility in my attitude because I’m certain there will be resubmissions
33. for having to wait 6-8 weeks because this will build patience, perseverance and humility

34.  for feeling well enough to change out of my pajamas after days spent shivering under down feathers
35. for doggies behaving and sleeping beside me for hours on end
36.  for brightly colored socks on my feet making me smile

37. for hubby keeping us well supplied in Sweet Clementines
38. that he is eating better and has more of a desire to do so
39. for the sweetness of teensy citrus wedges

40. for a sweet friend found in a neighbor
41. for her love of gardening and her enthusiasm to teach me about high altitude landscaping
42. for the way I can serve her while she is away

43. for the curls in Brody’s fur going in all directions and causing us to wonder if there is a poodle in his genealogy
44. for my granddaughter’s curls and the sweet longing I have to run my fingers through her hair every time I receive a new photo or video
45. for curled ribbon in shades of brown, bronze and green and knowing I need my mother’s help to make them into raggedy roses

3 Comments on “Joy Dare 2013

  1. Oh wow, Brodie looks a bit Cheasapeak Bay Retriever…

    I am SO proud of you for finishing your hard work, and polishing it all off with a binder… so very professional. I really admire this work and Personal Best you took on for yourself. Well done .

  2. I just found your blog today and spent nearly the whole day reading your posts from present through 2008. Granted I didn’t read every single word but lots of them and enjoyed it so. In all your years of knitting have you ever knitted an argyle sock pattern? I’m wanting to give it a try in 2013 and have located a pettern I might use: Sneaky Argyle Socks by Wendy Johnson. If you have knitted argyles, do you have any pointers and/or suggestions? thanks

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