Out of the Ordinary, the story of a hat

My latest knitting project is out of the ordinary for me. I ventured into the land of felting which was a little nerve racking. Shrinking wool on purpose? Really?  How crazy is that?  It was quite the adventure knitting a hat big enough to fit a giant and then checking it every fifteen minutes or so whilst it felted in the washing machine.


I’m not really a hat person. I love them on my daughter but on me? Nah….I think I’ll pass. I will wear this finished hat only on Saturday mornings when I knit with my knitting buddies because, after all, it was a group project. We thought we would look pretty cute wearing VIVIAN hats embellished in our own taste. I think we may even plan a tea party…….eventually….when everyone has finished knitting and embellishing their hats.

I ordered the Raggedy Ribbon Kit from Ambrosia Cottage to embellish my hat. When it came I ran my fingers through the lovely silk ribbons that I had requested in a color scheme to complement my hat and I shook my head saying, “What have I gotten myself into?” I was over-the-top-intimidated and decided that I would hand this off to my mom because mothers are good like that – rescuing you when you have jumped into waters too deep.


My mother busied herself all week long watching and re-watching videos demonstrating how to make ribbon roses. She folded and unfolded the ribbons countless times until she thought she had figured it out and then she would sigh and start over again. She doesn’t realize how many times she sighed and I didn’t point it out to her but I kept thinking to myself that I was glad she had possession of the ribbons instead of me. I worked on my To Eyre shawl and it had its own fair share of sighs. It is no wonder the doggies napped throughout our crafting being lolled into sleepiness with our many sighs!

I’m not sure Mom was completely happy with her finished rose corsage but I sure was. Isn’t my VIVIAN quite lovely?

4 Comments on “Out of the Ordinary, the story of a hat

  1. Beautiful! I just ordered my yarn, and have an idea for the embelishments

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