Picots Abound in Holden

Taking first birthday gifts in carry on luggage can prove trying to a knitter who must bring knitting with her everywhere she goes. Knowing I did not want to start a new project until a few old ones were finished, last week I scrambled around searching for a WIP that had neither armholes, heels, sleeves or seams. It needed to be fairly mindless knitting that could be stuffed back into its project bag at a moments notice. I found the Holden Shawlette.

This pattern had been picked in January by the women I knit with in Cripple Creek as a ‘first shawl’ project. I had demonstrated the rectangle cast on and showed them how to work the increases in the stockinette portion. They picked out yarn to order and I stuffed my Holden back into its bag. Then Monday after subsequent Monday it snowed and the road between my house and where we meet is a climbing, winding mountain road which can be perilous when traveled in winter storms.

So, whilst searching for a travel project last week I spied Holden and thought to myself, ‘The stockinette portion is mindless and I will knit only it and not go any further. I’ll wait for the ladies to catch up.”

But after a particularly brutal therapeutic massage on Wednesday, when I didn’t feel like moving my aching muscles, I discovered my hands did work. I grabbed the closest WIP which happened to be the Holden …….. and knit the lace portion.  The next two days I worked on the picot cast off and finished her.

So, I guess I will be demonstrating that rectangular cast on all over again to my mountain ladies with new yarn when we meet again. I won’t mind having two Holden shawls!  This is a great beginner pattern, not one to drape over the back of your chair to pull over your shoulders on a drafty winter afternoon but one to wrap around your neck as a lovely scarf.

2 Comments on “Picots Abound in Holden

  1. Now that I’ve seen your Holden with a Picot cast off, I must knit one ! So gorgeous 🙂

  2. Oh, I love it! I hope mine turns out as well as yours did. I’m just starting the lace prortion now. So far so good….it’s a fun begining lace knit.

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