The Wearing of the Green

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

And, I finished my Portulaca Cardigan hours before the clock struck midnight so I will always think of it as my St. Patty Cardy.

There are many things that I like about this design the top being its color. This bright green makes me so happy every time I look at it. It is a happy green. I thoroughly enjoyed knitting with the Studio Donegal yarn and hope to locate some when I visit Ireland this spring. I also like the fitted style of this sweater which is a big plus because I don’t wear most of my Aran sweaters because they are boxy and unflattering. I willwear this one because it is very comfortable.

I learned many things as I knit this going through the Celtic Cables Craftsy class. I think the Craftsy platform is superb and I felt like Carol Feller was right there by my side with each step as this sweater was created. Although I have knit several Arans before, my knowledge was increased tenfold by my instructor’s expertise.

I especially enjoyed learning the alternate rib cast on and will use it henceforth. I also appreciated learning the one row buttonhole which results in a more finished technique than the one I had been using. And, I like how Ms. Feller denotes beforehand her increases and decreases on the charts, much less stressful than the way I had been trying to keep track of them!  I can highly recommend Celtic Cables to those who have never ventured into the twists and turns of cables and to those who meander in that land all the time.

Now what about you? Have you taken any Craftsy classes you would like to recommend? How are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in your neck of the woods?

4 Comments on “The Wearing of the Green

  1. Congratulations Becky!. It is beautiful. See you later this morning.

  2. Oh Rebecca, that sweater is truly remarkable and you look great ! You have done it again. You must be a Knitting Over-Achiever 🙂 . I agree with you on the fitted sweaters, they are so much more feminine and flattering. I ought to look into Crafsy, it seems to be the buzz word around , doesn’t it? One-row buttonholes? I want that ! 🙂 And, a very happy belated StPaddy’s to you!. As for me, I have sore fingers from two 3-hr StPaddy’s gigs this weekend.

  3. Fantastic Rebecca! I have been knitting this sweater through Craftsy too! Love the fit of the sweater. I doesn’t overpower your frame. Hope mine will look as spectacular!
    Having been to Ireland you will love it! You will look just smashing wearing your sweater!

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