Seven Things – Cast On Edges

I continue to wait for my submitted Master Hand Knitting binder to arrive in my mailbox. Six weeks have passed and the review committee is still scrutinizing my work. To try and get my mind off the wait I continue to attack with vengeance those unfinished knitting projects that have fallen by the wayside. It is nice to have some of those lingering projects finished but I also find myself wanting to review some of the techniques I researched in the Level 1 course to get them cemented in my head.

The Level 2 requirements include 4 book reviews. I have tentatively selected my four and one of them is called Seven Things that can “Make or Break’ a Sweater. A quick glance through the book convinced me to go ahead and start with this one even though I may be several months away from graduating to Master Level Two. There is a project sweater, a baby cardigan, in the book that offers an opportunity to practice the ‘seven things’ covered in the book. Many of the ‘seven things’ were learned in MHK Level 1 and a few of them will be researched and knit into the MHK Level 2 swatches. Perfect!

The first of the seven things that make or break a sweater is the cast-on edge. There is a smooth side of the cast on and there is a bumpy side and whichever side you choose is completely a decision of personal preference but you must make sure that all public sides of your sweater have the same side showing. If you don’t, it is enough to BREAK that sweater instead of MAKING it!


Smooth Side of Cast On


Bumpy Side of Cast On

Now the book goes into a lot more detail than I have given here. It tells you what side of the cast on some knitters prefer with different stitch patterns. It tells you how to go about getting the cast on side that you prefer onto the public side of your knitting. And, it has pictures of swatches so that you can decide for yourself without playing around with knitting swatches beforehand, although I personally think that is one more reason to knit a gauge swatch!



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