Blogging?  I bet you thought I had forgotten how to do it.  A few of you may even have wondered where I have been and what I have been up to.  Whether you have or have not missed me I have certainly missed you and although I had a marvelous time traveling it is good to be home again.  I thought I would indulge myself over the next posts sharing pictures and tales of my travels and then, after, that make an entry back into the ‘real’ world.


Four weeks ago hubby and I, to celebrate thirty years of marriage embarked out of Ft. Lauderdale aboard the Caribbean Princess for a transatlantic United Kingdom Cruise.  All the fanfare accompanies an embarkation is always exciting.


Passengers line up at the rails to watch the massive ship be piloted out to sea.  Music is playing on deck, people onboard are happy and excited, those on shore wave goodbye as the Princess blasts her horn to let the world know we are leaving and our feet will not be stepping on land again for six days.

IMG_7059The flags are blowing in the humid wind.

IMG_7065Before long we are in the Atlantic Ocean leaving the beautiful beaches of Ft. Lauderdale behind us.

and a little bit later – dinner.

After four weeks of pre-cruise dieting I am more than ready to see what the dining room has to offer.  I tell hubby that I should probably be careful about gluten consumption for the next 21 days.  He smiles, butters up a roll for himself and hands me a breadstick.  How long do you think I persevered with this plan?

IMG_7068An announcement was made as we were eating dinner that the ship needed to make an about face and return to port because of a medical emergency.  We thought it was odd and wondered why they didn’t just conduct a flight for life instead, seems like it would have been much cheaper.  We were assured it would not affect the timing of our first port of call.

IMG_7070Several hours later we say farewell again to our side of the world.  The buildings along the shore of Ft. Lauderdale on the horizon grow smaller and smaller, you can barely see them in this last photo.  Dramamine taken, we are happy and more than ready to relax and chill as we cross the great Atlantic Ocean.

3 Comments on “Travels

  1. Thank goodness you are home safe and sound! I was worried about you! I knew you had made plans to go to Ireland sometime but we have not heard from you since April 9! Hahaha! I’m OK now. Can’t wait to see and hear all about your adventures! BTW, Happy Anniversary!

  2. Yes Happy Anniversary!. Enjoyed your first blog and will anxiously await the next one. I’ve see two of my grandchildren graduate in different states, and now have arrived at my sisters in Kentucky for a long an enjoyable visit.

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