Busy Summer Days

The Summer days of 2014 have been busy ones for me. No sooner had I returned from my travels at the end of May when I met the young owner of a new knitting store in town. We forged an immediate friendship and I offered to help her in any way she needed. I’ve knit some store samples for her and taught a class on knitting socks from the toe up. It has been a great adventure.



There are two socks pictured here, the cuff down sock is in the front and the toe-up in the back. The yarn is Crazy Zauberball in a color that has me-me-me written all over it.

In the Toe Up class my goal was to offer everyone a custom-fit sock template that they could knit over and over again. We started with a gauge swatch using several needle sizes (I can hear your groans) and then measured our feet and did lots of calculations using the gauge swatch. I also offered a couple different toe options that they were able to try on before starting their socks.


We thought we would have a class on this unusual hat that I knit called Tayberry but it didn’t generate much interest.


I finished a Baby Surprise Jacket this morning, one of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s iconic designs. This pattern is so much fun to knit and it will be the next class on the agenda. This BSJ was knit with two skeins of Ambiente sportweight yarn.

After reading EZ’s description of English style knitting, I took the opportunity to practice some Continental knitting. I believe the bursitis in my shoulder appreciated this and I am beginning to conclude that it may even be faster.

I need a little help deciding on button colors. What do you think? Red? White? Some other color?


6 Comments on “Busy Summer Days

  1. What fun!!!!! Can’t wait to get back and get involved taking classes.
    Just love your blog. Keep on keeping on.

  2. I choose the red buttons ! πŸ™‚ I am so happy for you Rebecca, that you are now involved in the Local Yarn Shop… what a perfect stop in your knitting journey, if not an end ! I can so see you doing EVERYTHING there is to do, and teach doing it besides ! I think EZ’s Tomten jacket is Perfect ! Hugs…xx

  3. So, I also cannot believe no one wanted to take the Tayberry Hat. I love it, and even if it becomes the “store’s” hat I wil continue to sneak it down from its perch to “display” it on a proper head πŸ˜‰

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