100% Alpaca


100% Alpaca in my lap on a summer day? Am I insane? It is quite possible especially since this 100% Alpaca is knit into a massive Pi Shawl that will be a cozy lap blanket come winter. Alpaca is warmer than wool and this Cascade Eco Alpaca is incredibly warm and soft. Although I live high in the Rocky Mountains I still cannot work with it more than thirty minutes in the summertime.


Girasole has been one of my largest projects calling out to me to be finished. I started it a couple summers ago as part of a challenge and it literally messed my shoulder up because I was obsessed with finishing it within a month timeframe. It obviously was never finished that summer. I had to set it aside and start physical therapy instead. But now I am motivated again because in two weeks because Zimmermania begins at the local yarn shop.


Our Zimmermania Club will knit a quarterly project from one of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s marvelous books. If you have never read any of her books then you have missed out on a literary treat. She is delightful to read and will have you chuckling in no time. We will be starting with the Knitter’s Almanac which was reprinted for her 100th Anniversary birthday celebration had she lived to celebrate 100 years. Our first project will be the Pi Shawl.

Jared Flood, the designer of Girasole, was influenced greatly by Elizabeth Zimmermann and Girasole is a Pi Shawl. Are you beginning to understand why I want to finish Girasole? Well, maybe you aren’t because you are probably not as persnickety about things as I am. Something in me will not let me cast on another Pi Shawl when Girasole is lurking about unfinished. Do you think it is possible for unfinished projects to doom brand-new projects of the same type.


I have decided that I won’t risk it so despite the warm alpaca sitting in a heap upon my lap, I am committed to work TEN knitted on edging points a day. Each point gobbles up three stitches on the border circumference. If my calculations are correct, the ‘new’ Pi Shawl will be cast on with great positive beginnings!





5 Comments on “100% Alpaca

  1. I am with you, there. I have to be really strict with my self otherwise there would be half finished projects all over the place.

    Your shawl looks really good. You will soon get to that point where the finish line is in view and you wont be able to put it down!

  2. That is so beautiful! I can’t get my mind around how to wear a pi shawl, but it would be a wonderful blanket!

  3. It looks to be a circle, with what inch diameter?
    It is beautiful. How many skeins? Or rather how many grams is a better question.

  4. Lovely wee blanket it will be ! I can just see it being a lap warmer for all the wintery knitting you will have curled up in your mountain home in the harsh Colorado winter.. yup ! However, I do think that projects don’t hex other projects, so you could in fact, let it sleep a while longer. Never force a project, let it be what it wants to be, I always say. If it wants to sleep some more… by all means, don’t wake it (let sleeping dogs lie??? 😉 On the other hand, I think you are one to want to get organized and finish the unfinished, so I will applaud you when you finally take that lovely finished photo. 🙂

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