A Summer Challenge

Summer would not be complete for me if I did not participate in a summer knitting challenge of some type. This is the first summer I have not participated in the Camp Loopy Summer Camp challenge, no doubt because of the Girasole fiasco which, by the way, will have a 72″ diameter when it is finished. You can only imagine how many miles of knitting that is!

Three Repeats
Three Repeats

This summer I am being a little more sensible and have taken on a pair of socks knit two-at-a-time as my challenge The socks are called Center of Attention and have been designed by Michelle Hunter of KnitPurlHunter. The knit-a-long started last week with clues released every Thursday on Michelle’s blog. It is sponsored by Skacel, the folks who make the fantastic Addi Needles. And, you guessed it, the winner of this challenge will be the new owner of some Addi Clicks. There are other terrific prizes being awarded and I probably should not encourage you to participate as it lowers my chances to win anything but, you know me, I want to share the challenge with you.

Axis Cable
Axis Cable

The socks must be knit in Trekking XL yarn in the Suzanne color-way. Skacel is donating $10 of every skein sold to Marsha Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer Research. If you can get some of this yarn in your hands soon I’m certain you will be able to catch up because it is a quarterly challenge. The details will be on Michelle’s blog.

And since I am shamelessly endorsing things today I will share two more things with you. The first is that I have recently acquired the Addi Clicks and wished I had invested in them many years ago. Mine are the Lace Addi Clicks with a longer shaft and I absolutely adore them. Although they may seem a bit pricey, they are not nearly as expensive as acquiring needles through the years with different cord lengths…ask me how I know.

Knit Companion App
Knit Companion App

And the other shameless endorsement is to share once again my very favorite knitting tool called Knit Companion. They have recently revamped it and I am in the learning stage of this revamp. I had no complaints about the last version and at first grumbled a bit but now can see that the improvements kick it up a few notches more in excellence.

Have a terrific summer weekend! I may have to revisit some places I visited in May and share a day trip with you soon. There are many vacation photographs that have yet to be organized.

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