Master Monday – Let the Swatches Begin

Monday is a laundry day for me.  It is also the day I iron shirts.  Sounds mundane, doesn’t it?  I think I will need to throw in a bit of knitting to work on between those loads of laundry and what sounds like a perfect fit for that knitting are the many Master Level Two swatches that must be knit in the upcoming months.  After a couple rounds of resubmissions I passed the first level of the TKGA Master Knitting Correspondence Program and Level Two has commenced.

Swatches to Seam
Swatches to Seam

I picked Cascade 220 in Lilac as the color I will knitting my Level Two swatches with but I have already grown weary of the color.  I’m not sure if this weariness is truly related to the color or the simple fact that I have knit six stockinette swatches to seam together with the mattress stitch and am not happy with any of them.  My daughter tells me colors evoke emotion.  I wonder what emotion purple evokes?  I ordered some Cascade 220 in beige to play it safe and I am hoping it brings about feelings of neutrality.

Figure 8 Start
Figure 8 Start

After three swatches I am still working on the Figure 8 weave to begin seaming the stockinette swatches.  I’m using the Mattress Seam one stitch in from the selvedge.

IMG_8325I have a row of wonky looking stitches on this first swatch.  The second swatch has the figure 8 tail showing in an early stitch and the third swatch, well I can’t remember what I didn’t like about it but I know it didn’t measure up to my critical eye.  Sigh.  I will try again with the BEIGE Cascade 220 yarn and see if I can get better results…………. time to throw in another load of laundry and after it gets going to pull out the BEIGE yarn and cast on again.

(Don’t feel sorry for me.  I may sound like I am grumbling but I can assure you, being a process knitter I am thoroughly enjoying this endeavor)

5 Comments on “Master Monday – Let the Swatches Begin

  1. Congratulations on Passing Level I. How many levels are there? Hang in there yCan’t wait to get into your toe up class.

  2. Congratulations on Level 1! I thought I wanted to do the Master Knitting Program and I used 220 in white. I understand about getting bored with your color (or in my case the lack of). I considered doing a very soft yellow but never made it that far. lol

  3. The lilac is a very weary sort of colour…you will feel much better with a nice neutral beige!

    • Hi Nancy…….I’m sure I will love it once I get through all these ‘finishing’ swatches 😉

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