Please? Just One More Row?

I couldn’t go to bed last night at my regular time, I just couldn’t.  I could not put my needles down because I was absolutely smitten with the project I was working on.  The clock kept ticking and ticking, it struck midnight and before long it was 1:30 in the morning.  I forced myself to lay the needles down and put my head on the pillow for a little slumber but when the dog whined the next morning to go out I jumped right on up and grabbed my needles again.  You may well ask what project had me so captivated and I will most enthusiastically tell you all about it.

First Sunday
High Country Pueblo Stole

For over a year I have been stalking Carol Sunday’s site admiring over and over again her Pueblo Stole.  Carol is one of the most talented designers I know of with quite the artistic eye and the ability to put art into anything she designs.  I watched her put together several color options for the Pueblo Stole each with a beauty of its own but my eye consistently landed on the High Country Pueblo Stole.  It just seemed to capture the beauty of the western states and, even closer to my heart, the high country of Colorado.  When Carol celebrated her sixtieth birthday she had everything on sale and I took a deep breath and ordered my kit.

Sunday Knits
Sunday Knits

With the many projects that I need to be working on at the moment,  I told myself I would only work on my High Country Pueblo on Sundays.  After all, it is a kit from Sunday Knits and Sunday is a day of worship and rest for me.

15 Gorgeous Shades
15 Gorgeous Shades

With yarn names such as Eden, Nirvana, Angelic and Brigadoon the project is deemed to be a nice, relaxing Sunday afternoon knit.  These yarns, by the way, are the softest yarns I have felt in a long time.  My husband would call them ‘luxurious’ – the verb he uses to describe anything nice but in this case I would say that is the most accurate description.

Keeping the colors straight
Keeping the colors straight

Changing colors every second row will probably need some organization so I labeled some tags and threaded each color into its own label.  This is probably a carryover from my days of cross stitching.


As I mentioned before, I did not want my Sunday to end and knit into the wee hours of Monday.  This morning I reasoned with myself and said, “Self, you know you started this project late in the day yesterday so why don’t you give it a few more hours this morning.”  I listened to myself and that is exactly what I did!

High Country Pueblo Stole
High Country Pueblo Stole

I fully understood why so many knitters on Ravelry have called this Pueblo Stole their most favorite project ever.  I can even understand the comment of one who said the project took forever because she simply did not want it to end.  I am already feeling the same way.

3 Comments on “Please? Just One More Row?

  1. I love that shawl too! How appropriate for you…….try not to say up too late 🙂

  2. Stunning! I was wondering too…the ends make the fringe when you change color? Love the look!

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