Swirling on a Labor Day

Where has the summer gone to?  This has been one crazy summer for me with forest fires and mountain passes closing because of flash floods.  That can cause all kinds of inconveniences for those of us who frequently need that highway.  I’ve taught a couple knitting classes and have just started another.  It has been busy but the last five weeks have been filled with medical problems and concerns.  I am still in the midst of that but I have found some perfect mindless knitting that has just the right amount of required concentration – not too much but not so little that it brings on boredom.


Knit Swirl is an incredible book written by an amazing designer,  Sandra McIver.  In the introduction Cat Bordhi says, ” “.  I must confess that I initially bought the book simply because some of my friends have it and they often bring it to our knitting groups sharing it have knit one of the patterns but when I read Cat’s introduction I found myself entranced.  So entranced that I have cast on two separate ‘Swirls’ in the past week just to see how the yarn would be shown off in a couple of the patterns.



The first is knit with some Noro Silk Garden yarn that I purchased a while back  for a pattern I long ago lost interest in.  This pattern is Strata Sphere and I think I just might love it.  These colors keep me going on the miles and miles of easy-peasy knitting and purling.



The second pattern is called Sheer Beauty.  The main yarn is Malabrigo Rastita, a dk weight yarn.  The color is JupThe mesh part will be knit with Malabrigo Alpaca lace yarn called Belgian Chocolate.

These two patterns will take me through many hours of movies and television shows this fall….but hopefully not TOO many hours.

5 Comments on “Swirling on a Labor Day

  1. Rebecca! So good to see a new blog post! You have been missed. Colorado sure has been hit hard this year! I hope all your medical concerns work themselves out and that you aren’t too stressed. Love the new projects. How’s the shawl coming along? Take care.

  2. You will be missed tomorrow. I’m really liking what I’ve seen in the book. I think I will wait abit before committing. You will be in our thoughts and prayers as you get medical attention tomorrow.

  3. Lovely patterns! It looks like you have a wonderful fall and winter of knitting ahead of you. I hope you get your medical problems sorted out quickly.

  4. Something so elegant about the simplest of designs . You will do a terrific work of these, I just know it.

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