Orange Things

Do you remember going to Six Flags when you were a kid and getting a “Pink Thing”?  For a hot, sweaty kid running from ride to ride (why were we always running?) a Pink Thing was a treat we used to look forward to on a summer afternoon, Pink Things and ice cold watermelons floating in big vats of cold water.  We could see the watermelons floating down below just before we plunged down the final trek on the Runaway Mine Train.  I don’t know why I have these memories on my mind today.  Our day here in Colorado is definitely a cool one and autumn has arrived.  The aspen leaves are falling and carpeting the earth with gold, a far cry from my distant childhood memory of a hot summer day.


I have titled this post ‘Orange Things’ just so I can give you a peek at three favorite orange things in my day.  Orange has become my favorite color.  It is such a bright, happy color and I just love it.  First up is a Progressive Knit Along sponsored by Skacel.  This quarter the design is a colorwork cowl designed by Michelle Hunter.  Having just finished the first clue today I am behind as Michelle Hunter released Clue 3 this morning.  The cowl will have four sections of colorwork and we have chosen four colors of Kenzie yarn to our liking.   The first clue was a very easy slip-stitch that just flew along so I am feeling like I can easily get caught up this next week with the other two clues.

Behind my cowl is a Jordanna Paige knitting bag that arrived this morning, a birthday present to myself.  I bought mine at The Loopy Ewe (free shipping!)   I plan to give a review of this messenger bag after I’ve used it a month.  The bag is called Cezanne and there are four things that attracted me to this bag:


  1. ORANGE was one of the colors it came in (Orange Poppy to be exact).
  2. It is a cross-shoulder bag which will be comfortable.
  3. There is a readily accessible pocket under the flap that I can put my iPhone in for quick access.
  4. There is a key ring snap so that I can easily find my keys.


The last orange thing I want to show you is this silk blend roving called Falling Leaves.  I have just about finished spinning the Deep Russet solid that it will be plied with and can’t wait to get my fingers on this.  Isn’t it pretty?  I bought it from FatCatKnits and it is lovely to spin with.  We don’t really see these colors here in Colorado but I do remember the vibrant autumn colors when I was a child in Virginia.  Am I the only one who pressed beautiful leaves between wax paper and made acorn people?


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