But Baby It’s Cold Out There


My snow boots are sitting out and ready. Although they look warm I am not confident that even at nine degrees they will do the trick keeping my toes warm. I don’t plan on trying them out if I can help it.  Snow this morning transitioning to snow showers this afternoon.  Very cold.  Very, very, cold indeed.  The pine needles are frozen stiff and caked with snow and the trees remind me of a scene from the Chronicles of Narnia.

Perhaps my mind drifts to Narnia on this snowy morn because I have been pondering something C. S. Lewis said about Advent.  When the world outside is frigid with cold I often pull into myself and meditate on things.  It is as if the blanket of white dulls my eye from distractions without but sharpens my senses to turn within.  It is in these moments that there is no draw from worldly things.


When the year dies in preparation for the birth

Of other seasons, not the same, on the same earth,

Then saving and calamity go together make

The Advent gospel, telling how the heart will break.

Therefore it was in Advent that the Quest began.

C. S. Lewis

IMG_8813Time doesn’t seem to matter on snowy homebound days.  The treacherous roads prevent me from leaving my home.  The steady ticking of the clock doesn’t urge me to hurry because there is no where I can go, there is no rush.  Instead, its steady rhythm pulls me in further to meditating  four Advent readings I have read since Sunday.  Yes, the Quest has begun.  Each year through the celebration of Advent I unwrap the greatest gift.

IMG_8848This morning I meditate on the first question God asked in the Old Testament.  He asked it when the cool evening breezes were blowing and there was no Adam to walk beside Him in communion.  He asked it, not because He did not know where Adam was, but because He wanted Adam to think about where he(Adam) was in his life, where he was in his relationship to the One who had created Him.  God reaching for man.

I’ve thought about the numerous times I have fallen and scraped my heart raw – and God reached for me.  In my Advent Devotion I was reminded of the times when I felt the shame ‘of words that have snaked off my tongue and poisoned the corners of my life.’  He calls and asks me where I am and He never refuses to give up on me.  He reaches for me time and time again.

Your God looks for you when you’re feeling lost, and you God seeks you out when you’re down, and your God calls for you when you feel cast aside.  He doesn’t run down the rebel.  He doesn’t strike down the sinner.  He doesn’t flog the failure. ~ Ann Voskamp.

My God holds and enfolds me no matter what each season brings.  Spurgeon says of God that He comes, ‘to find you wherever you may be.  I will look for you till the eyes of My pity see you.  I will follow you till the hands of My mercy reach you, and I will still hold you … to My heart.”

This is a love story and in this Advent season I will unwrap the full love story of Christmas.  My devotional this year is called The Greatest Gift: Unwrapping the full love story of Christmas by Ann Voskamp.


As I read I am warmly wrapped in my newly finished Girasole Pi Shawl.  It took a while to knit this and I am very happy to be finished.  It just needs a blocking so I won’t show a frontal picture – but soon I will after it is blocked on a queen size bed.  It’s big this shawl.

3 Comments on “But Baby It’s Cold Out There

  1. Thanks, I needed to read this today. I get so “busy” with rushing around and making gifts that I forget to be still and enjoy the Advent season. I have heard other people mention this book. Maybe I need to check this out? God works in mysterious ways!
    Lovely shawl!

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