Spin Off Fiber Club

IMG_8892I have a perfect little project for my Jenkins Turkish Delight.

IMG_8895In joining the Spin-Off Fiber Club I hope to have a bit of fun,

I hope to learn some spinning stuff and maybe,

just maybe, I will actually produce some yarn!


The Spin-Off team sent 4 ounces of lovely solid and color-blended Merino.  They also sent a color wheel with an explanation that the chosen colors represented the three primary colors  on the color wheel – red, blue and yellow along with a neutral.  They want us to experiment with the colors and see what we come up with.  This will be a good experiment for me because, as my friends know, I lack color confidence.  I almost always knit things in the exact color that is shown in a pattern’s project photo.


I have three months to play with this fiber before the next SPIN ALONG package will come along.  My little Delight has a lot of work ahead of her but I think she is ready!  I plan to spin each color into singles and then try some different ply combinations.

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