The Cat Quilt Quiltalong


(This is Elizabeth Hartman’s Quilt and photo)

I read about the Catvent Quiltalong on Elizabeth Hartman’s blog a few days ago and have not been able to get it out of my mind.  I’ve wanted to make a quilt for my granddaughter this year and this adorable quilt seems perfect for a cat-loving family.  The colors are bright and cheery which I think would be very appealing to a toddler who has a ‘cat’ sister.  There are 25 different patchwork cat face variations and the Catvent plan is to post one finished cat per day in December.  That probably will not happen in this house but it sounds like a fun plan to get a quilt finished before a 1 March birthday.

IMG_8950My purple fabric is in the washing machine and my background fabric, a chambray indigo cotton/linen blend, has been ordered.  Cat names are swirling around in my brain and I’m leaning towards using the names from the musical, Cats.   Elizabeth has given her Catvent cats the names of – Ferdinand, Bernadette, Sunny, Mia, Ralphio, Krista, Chowder, Cannon, Toby and Lucy.  I can’t wait to start cutting the pieces out for the purple cats but know there is something I must finish first.


Do you remember the Mixtape Quilt I started a couple years ago?  The said recipient is anxious to have it finished and so am I.  Knitting has somehow come between me and this quilt but I’m feeling the pull of quilting again so I will work on it today.  The top has been finished and today will be devoted to getting the backing pieced together.  I know it goes against the beliefs of some quilters not to mix flannel and cotton but my family loves flannel backing so this quilt will be no exception.


Can you suggest some cat names for my purple felines?

2 Comments on “The Cat Quilt Quiltalong

  1. Purple always makes me think of royalty so you could use Prince. Or George, our latest addition to our royal family. But the family gets bigger by the day. Elizabeth, of course. Or one of her granddaughters, Zara.

    Can I just ask, as a complete novice to patchwork and quilting, why does flannel and cotton not mix? Just curious.

    L x

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