Cat 1: George

As part of The Cat Quilt-Along, I will be posting my kitties one at a time as I make them.  They won’t be quilted yet until the end when I put them all together.

My first three kitties will be with the purple fabric and I really liked Bizzilizzi’s comment that, being in the UK, purple always reminds her of royalty.  She gave me some ‘royal’ name suggestions and I plan to use them all so special thanks go all the way across the vast Atlantic to her.


Meet George!  He’s the fist of my 25 cats.

IMG_9038As a matter of curiosity and being a complete novice to patchwork and quilting, Bizzilizzi asked why cotton and flannel do not mix.  I believe it has something to do with the shrinkage rate of each and that it is also a little more difficult to quilt through the flannel.  If any quilters out there can pipe in and clarify this more then please do so by leaving a comment.  I’m still going with the flannel backing because it is just softer and feels cozier.

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