Ten on Tuesday – Tradition


1.  Photo Ornaments of my children each year on the tree.  Now that the children are grown I add the grandchild!


2.  Adding new ornaments that remind us of our travels that year.


3.  Advent Log over the fireplace with candles for each day of the month, a tradition I learned from a friend thirteen years ago.  You light a candle each day for your Advent reading continuing to add one a day until they are all lit on Christmas day.


4.  Christmas stockings that tell The Story.  It is time to toss childhood stockings aside and stitch the continuation of the story for each grown member of the family.

5.  Going to church on Christmas Eve with hubby and whomever tags along – singing carols, hearing The Story.

6.  Watching It’s A Wonderful Life when we get home.


7.  Homemade cinnamon rolls and a roaring fire in the fireplace as we ready ourselves for opening gifts.

8.  The one who distributes gifts wearing the Santa hat and starting by giving the dogs their Christmas Stocking containing tantalizing aromas that have been taunting them since they entered the room.  Stockings opened first followed by gifts, all one-at-a-time.

9.  Traditional Christmas meal with all the trimmings and phone calls to loved ones who could not be with us.

10.  Driving down the mountain to see a movie, whichever one we have been anticipating and holding out on for this occasion.  This year it is The Hobbit.

2 Comments on “Ten on Tuesday – Tradition

  1. I go to the cinema with a friend every year to watch ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. We always see it in the original black and white. And we cry every time.

    I think this will be our 14th year and it is such a strong tradition now that we don’t feel Christmassy until we have seen it.

    Your Christmas sounds lovely.

    • What a great tradition Lizzi !

      Well, for me Christmas is about staying home and putting on all the Christmas music (my favorite being David Grisman’s Acoustic Christmas, and Modern Mandolin Quartet’s “Nutcracker Suite”)… eating chocolate guilt free 🙂 lol … and usually am sewing last minute buttons on Jeff’s xmas shirt, but I hope to be done with that ahead of time this year ::wink::.

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