A Room With a View and ……



A room with a view and a head full of ideas.  One thing is a certainty with me, when the snow is falling in the Rockies and I am confined to my home, either from impassable roads or as in this case pneumonia, ideas and plans start infiltrating my imagination.  We don’t have cold, bleak winters here in the West so winter doldrums rarely set in or, at least, they don’t set in until late April when everyone else is posting pictures of spring blooms and we are faced with several more weeks of winter snows.  Our winters are filled with days of sunshine and bright blue skies interspersed with snowy days but never do long gray days stack one upon the other as in other parts of the country.  It could be that I feel a bit of strength ebbing back into my weary body which has been confined to this room with a view for over two weeks.  I want to create.


I want to sew!  When the Hawthorne Threads newsletter arrived announcing Michael Miller’s new collection celebrating Blue and White in all its glory I knew some new pillows were destined for my upstairs leather couch.  From the Americas to Europe, to Africa, Asia and the Far East, the color indigo has been a perennial color palette.

imageI love indigo and just look at these fantastical prints.  I have five different pillows in mind and can’t wait to get started on them.  I have linked the above picture to Hawthorne Threads so you can check them out yourself.


In my inner heart I am a bookworm so when I spied this new fabric called QUIET TIME by Tamara Kate.  I decided I would be making an adult version of these pajama pants.  Can you see the little girls reading books on the fabric?  Love it!  I have been lounging around quite a bit in my pajamas these last few weeks so why not have a fun pair to wear?  In fact, I like the idea of these pajama pants so much that I just might have to start a trend here hanging out in my Rocky Mountain cabin.  I found this fabric at two places, fabric.com and Hawthorne Threads.


I want to quilt.  I need to resume making kitties for my grand-daugther’s Cat Quilt.  She is turning two in a month so I need to make that parade of rainbow kitties pretty fast!  And……. shame on me if I forget about my daughter’s Mixtape Quilt!


My other project-with-a-nagging-deadline is the Autumn Pueblo Stole I am knitting for my cousin.  We bartered our creative skills.  She has already finished my Texas Bluebonnet painting (at least, I think that is what it is) and I have only just begun her stole.  The colors are fabulous and the yarn is lovely to the touch so once I get going I think it will be hard to put down.


All these creative ideas a flurry today in my brain like the snow settling softly on the Ponderosa pines and I do hope that soon, very soon, my energy will return to carry them to completion!

10 Comments on “A Room With a View and ……

  1. I love your posts……But they leave me feeling not so creative. I spent the day plowing the driveways on the ATV, and doing a little bit of cleaning. I guess the Bible cover – that I can’t seem to stick with = is hanging over my head. July will be here very soon and I’m not half way done. Must get inspired soon.

  2. PS Is it feasible to have two or more people go together for one of the pueblo stoles? I understand that there is alot of yarn left of some of the colors. And that there is only one or two colors that would have to be added to the leftovers to make another one.

  3. Sad to hear about your bout of pneumonia 😦 however…. it is often from these such down times that we get stronger and more insightful than before, and I have no doubt you will rise to find yourself into craft manic delirium very soon. 🙂 Get well, and keep listing ! xx

  4. I’m sorry you have started out this year with pneumonia. Hopefully you will be recovered and able to get back to all those projects in the next week. It must be very beautiful right now where you live. In the southwest corner of BC where I live we have had one of the mildest winters on record. I find I am sort of missing the snow. (But not the driving on it – I loathe driving on winter roads.)

  5. Is this the same Pueblo Stole you started quite a while ago? Or have you finished that one and been inspired to make another. Just curious…it’s such a lovely pattern!

    • Hi Jennifer,
      I am actually making two at a time and hope to post photos of them together. The colors in both are beautiful and different in their own ways.

  6. Sorry to hear you have not been well Rebecca. Such a beautiful view! And I love the Blue and White prints, so beautiful it makes me wish I could sew. I love the Autumn Pueblo Stole too, I’ve been so tempted to make one but I have so much yarn and UFO’s so I am trying very hard to be good and not make any new purchases.

    Take care and hope you are back to feeling 100% real soon. xx

  7. I hope you are feeling better Rebecca. We are snowed in here today…..why go out when it is lovely to watch the snow fall, there is a chicken stew in the crock pot, and I am at the finishing stage of a sweater for the hubby.

    That indigo patteren fabric is gorgeous….and the adorable patterned pj bottoms!

    Take the time to get well…..maybe listed to a book on tape? I have been thinking of trying Audible books.

    Take care……

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