Ten on Tuesday and a Pair of Chili Peppers

I am learning to enter fully the thing right before me instead of being in a hurry to get to the next thing because hurry always empties the soul.

I am learning to say no to mystery knit-a-longs because I have found that joy comes in knitting something I loved the moment I saw it.

I am learning that the best medicine for my soul is to collect pieces of God-glory. As I stand on the brink of eternity there is enough time to rest deep, sing joy and give God glory.

I am learning to stop hounding myself, driving myself and pressing myself to get it all done.

I am learning that the ruse of always being in control is a pseudo power from the pit.  Stress and worry in my life are consistently evidences of a soul too lazy and too undisciplined to keep my gaze fixed on God.  When my gaze is fixed on Him all is well.

I am learning that my yarn stash is sufficient and that continually adding to it causes discontent.  What ever happened to seeing something you really wanted to knit and then shopping for that project?  Isn’t there more joy in this?

I am learning not to think more highly of myself than I ought to.  Created in God’s image, we all have inherent talents and abilities and joy comes in being able to share those with others rather than puffing myself up with what I can do.

I am learning to spin fiber into yarn and enjoying drafting the fibers gently as if I am playing a fine instrument.

I am learning that humility is a key to peaceful relationships with others.

I am learning through this time of mourning and this time of sickness how important it is to reach out to someone going through a difficult time, it truly does encourage them.


Simple knitting has been just about all the knitting I have been able to handle these last five weeks so I turned to my trusty Chili Pepper pattern for a pair of red hot Chili Pepper socks.  Tried and true, these are still my favorite vanilla sock pattern.  I recently rewrote the pattern for a friend wishing to use the magic loop method of knitting which has also become my preferred technique for knitting socks.  These are the first pair of socks for 2014!

IMG_9330For knitters who do not like to do the Kitchener stitch to close the toe my Chili Peppers use a star toe decrease and all you have to do at the end is pull your yarn through the last four stitches and snug it up.

IMG_9331For knitters who do not like picking up stitches along the heel flap and struggle which stitch to pick up, my Chili Peppers use a garter edge heel flap that makes it really easy to see where to pick up those stitches.  The garter edge heel flap also snugs around your heel nicely.


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4 Comments on “Ten on Tuesday and a Pair of Chili Peppers

  1. Your socks are lovely and so is your list. I agree with the yarn – I really can not buy anymore and feel good about it until I use up what I have. And I have more than enough.

  2. What an interesting list. I especially like your approach to your yarn stash. I think I will try to remember the discontent that arises from continually adding to it instead of feeling that I’m depriving myself by not adding yet more yarn. Thank you!

  3. Really interesting Becky! I enjoyed reading this and felt a sense of comfort as I went down the list. I sure hope you’re feeling better and now know that I won’t see you until I get back in late February. Please remember me in prayer on Friday and Saturday of this week. I will be driving to Helendale California.

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