Trimming Fringe on UFO Thursday

When I posted about the Autumn Pueblo Stole last week someone asked it this was the same Pueblo stole I started last spring.  The one I started last spring was the High Country Pueblo Stole and, sadly, it was cast aside as I pursued other projects.  I am trying to overcome this very bad habit I have – the wanderlust eye – so today I have pulled out High Country and will knit it simultaneously with the Autumn stole. I am enthralled with both and am finding them both delightful to work on.


There will be a twofold purpose in knitting both at the same time the first being obvious, I will have a finished stole the same time that I finish my cousin’s Pueblo.  We are both torn between the color ways and when both Pueblos are done I will be able to present her with a tangible choice.  Both are unique in their fetching colors and I would be hard pressed to choose between the two. I will let my cousin have the final say and regardless of the one she chooses know that the other will be fetching around my shoulders.

It may take a little bit longer to knit both stoles at the same time but this way I will be able to present them together and sometime this spring my cousin will both ‘feel’ and ‘see’ both when they are mailed down to the Texas hill country. Knitters are a tactile bunch of people and we often beam in delight when some scrumptious yarn is run through our fingers and deemed worthy to knit with.  The Sunday Knits yarn used in these stoles is that kind of yarn and is simply scrumptious.


I will spend the morning trimming fringe and tying knots and then I will have to proceed into uncharted territory.  Up until now the pattern has been fairly clear because there have been charts and written directions but I am now at the point where I am instructed to continue on with the ribbing making the increases and decreases just as before.  Even working two stoles at a time has not been adequate time for me to get this pattern under my belt so now my brain is going to have to work a little harder!


Which of these Pueblo stoles do you like best?  Is one more appealing to your color senses than the other?  What UFO project are you working on or having problems pulling out of time out?

5 Comments on “Trimming Fringe on UFO Thursday

  1. The one with the red pops out at me, but I like the more subtle colours of the other one as well. I only have one ufo, yes ONE and its basically done. It’s my jill’s dress. I just need to finish the crochet trim and block it. I’m hoping it will block to the right length and that I don’t need to add to it,,,,, that’s why it’s still a ufo.
    Life below stairs in waiting for me at the library too! Can’t wait to start it.

  2. They are both lovely, sort of Sunrise and Sunset versions. The one on the left makes me want to snuggle, the one on the right with the “pop” of color makes we want to dance.

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