Sochi Spin-a-Long

Are you watching the Winter Olympics right now?  What do you do during the Winter Olympics?  Spin, knit, quilt, sew, stitch?  I have participated in many of the Ravelry events in years past but this time I will be doing something a little more relaxing.  I don’t need any daunting timelines to stress me out.  My newfound love of spinning will be slow-paced and relaxing.


Greenwood Fiberworks has dyed several different kinds of fiber special just for the SOCHI Olympics.  Mine is a super wash Sock Roving blend of 80% merino, 20% nylon.  My intentions are to spin it fine enough to make a 3-ply fingering weight yarn, tough enough for socks.

IMG_9377Now my spinning compadres are sending me links to all kinds of spinning methods with unfamiliar words like fractal spinning, combination drafting, Navajo plying, how to make your own blending board and the like so right now I feel like a fish out of water in a strange new world.  The Greenwood Fiberworks Ravelry board is all a buzz as the participants discuss the methods they will be using.  There is much to learn!  My brain is not wanting to concentrate very hard right now coming off several weeks of health issues so for now I am employing the no-brainer-technique and have just separated my fiber into eight long strands and I will pre-draft as I spin and hope for the best.

IMG_9397I finally was able to get out of the house yesterday and see friends at the LYS – six weeks since I had seen anyone!  We were able to compare our SOCHI fibers and some are definitely more muted than mine is.  One of my pals brought this beautiful Spruce Dragon fiber as plying possibility for my SOCHI.  I think I like it.  What do you think?

IMG_9393If I make a 3-ply yarn I guess I will have to decide if I will use two strands of the solid and one of the SOCHI or …. two of the SOCHI and one of the solid.  Like I said – a whole new world and I am just beginning…..


2 Comments on “Sochi Spin-a-Long

  1. You could do two strands of Sochi and one of the solid, and then Navajo ply the remainder of the solid colored singles for coordinating toes and heels! That would look really cool, I think.

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