Sitting in the Corner

Usually when you are young and told to go to the corner and sit there a while you are in some type of trouble.  Then when we grow up we sit in the corner for other reasons.  Sometimes we sit there so we don’t have to talk to people.  Sometimes we sit there to make a quick escape without others noticing or waylaying us.  But then when people say”I’m backed into a corner”, well …. that usually implies they have to do something they don’t necessarily want to do,  they have felt ‘forced’ into a situation they would rather not be in.  I have a corner that I readily and eagerly go to without anyone twisting my arm.  It is a perfect corner in my house for many reasons but most particularly because it is my spinning corner.


It is true that I sometimes go to my corner to escape from the seemingly  mundane routines of life, although an argument can be made that it is those very routines that hold the fabric of a home together. Most of the time I go to my corner to relax.  I have THE perfect chair for spinning – the height makes it easy to treadle away, my arms can rest comfortably on the chair arms not causing shoulder strain and I can sit all the way back into the chair resting my back and drafting fibers with ease.  Best of all, I have inherited two said chairs from my father-in-law’s study when he passed away and they evoke fond memories time spent with him.


I have been working on some Malabrigo Nube this afternoon.  This is my second bobbin and I will be finished soon.  I am eager to see what the finished plied yarn will look like because this afternoon it is looking kind of pinkish-purplish.  But last night…………..


it looked rather purplish-blueish and my first bobbin looks……….


well, a little like something in between!  I plan to make this a 2ply and it seems like it may be close to a lace weight this time around so I think it is destined to become a shawl of some type.  This bobbin will be plied to the first bobbin and we will just see what happens!  I need to get a move on because the Tour de Fleece starts July 5th and I need my bobbins freed up for that.

Malabrigo Nube is currently at the top of my favorite fiber list.  It is BFL and is easy to draft and the colors are simply wonderful!  This one is called Archangel.



One Comment on “Sitting in the Corner

  1. Beautiful! So you can ply two spun threads and come out with a lace weight/?/
    That is my goal, but so far not anywhere close….!

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