Mountain Bluebirds & The Tour de Fleece

I have not seen one single mountain bluebird yet this summer and this morning, as I was reading an excellent article about procrastination on Ann Voskamp’s blog, the mountain bluebirds came to mind.  You see, I remembered that I had not repaired some of their bluebird boxes around the property and, since they are cavity nesters, they had no ready home to nest in.   No wonder I haven’t seen them.

FemaleFemale Mountain Bluebird


Male Mountain Bluebird

I had the mountain bluebirds on my mind last night when I selected some combed Targhee top for my Jenkins spindle to spin in the 2014 Tour de Fleece.  This top comes from Montana and is aptly named ‘Mountain Bluebird.’  The colors are identical to the brilliant blues of the male bluebird and likewise, the softer tones in it resemble the female bluebird’s coloring.  When I saw this beautiful combed top I concluded the Mountain Bluebirds in Montana must look just like the ones we have here in Colorado.  Their brilliant and stunning blue catches your attention right away should you be fortunate enough to have one fly nearby, especially the bright turquoise of the males.


I will be spinning on several teams for the Tour de Fleece spin-along during the Tour de France. They spin, we spin. A real spinning-themed spin-along.  The concept is to challenge yourself, spin and have fun.  It will start on Saturday, July 5th and run until Sunday, July 27th.  My goal is to spin every day the Tour rides.  I will rest on the days they rest, just like the actual tour.  On their tough challenge day I will have my own spinning challenge.  On Sunday, July 27th you will find me wearing yellow to announce victory no matter how small that victory might be.  I’m still working on my plan and trying to set realistic goals for these three weeks in July.



The first team I am spinning on is Team Jenkins.  

  • My goal is to spin 20-30 minutes a day on my Turkish Delight (third from the left in the photo above)
  • I will spin a new fiber that I have never tried before – Targhee in a combed top, a good choice for socks
  • My Challenge will be to wind the singles onto my new nøstepinne and ply from those center-pull balls


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