I remember many years ago, as a computer programmer, it was required that I had to turn in time estimates when working on projects.  As a team, all our estimates needed to be fairly accurate or we would jeopardize the critical time-frames of our teammates  and this would reflect poorly on the whole team.  Well, back then, I was pretty good at figuring out how long it would take to write and test a program but nowadays I stink at time estimates.


I thought for sure that I could whip out the Knit Witch Shawl for Camp Loopy’s first camp project but I missed that goal by a long shot.  I was certain I could whip out a pair of socks for the Sock Stash Buster June Challenge but only yesterday cast on the second Embossed Leaves sock, and tomorrow begins the next month’s challenge.  But I believe the goal that I feel most defeated in is my Master Hand Knitting Level 2 course.


Recently TKGA released a revision of Level Two and when I logged into my MHK2 Ravelry project page to reflect this I noticed that it had been exactly a year since I had purchased this level.  My original goal was to finish within a year and here I sit muddling my way through the first swatches on finishing techniques.  I don’t enjoy the finishing process so it is no wonder I am at a stalemate doing these initial swatches.


I have been thinking a lot about procrastination this week.  I have been wondering why I procrastinate when the outcome of whatever I am procrastinating about will bring me joy when that task is completed.  It is a mystery to me.  For instance, I don’t like to sew seams when I finish a hand knit garment so I procrastinate on knitting and seaming those swatches. But, isn’t the whole reason these swatches are incorporated into the course in the first place is so that you will properly know what type of seaming to do for certain projects and how to do them?


I procrastinate about planting flowers in my many outside flowerpots.  Wouldn’t I enjoy the beauty of those flowers immensely once they are potted?

Likewise, I procrastinate about cleaning out my refrigerator, in particular that spilled congealed stuff under the crisper.  I sigh every time I open the refrigerator. Wouldn’t the deep sighing stop if I would stop procrastinating and get it cleaned out?  Wouldn’t I have a smile on my dial instead?


I have been procrastinating about entering my receipts into Quicken for well over a week and they are overflowing from my purse.  Every time I stuff another receipt into my purse I groan, especially if I have to bend down and pick up one that shot out of my purse.  Wouldn’t I have more JOY if I just did it and balanced the check book?  Afterall, I always like reconciling that last entry, clicking the button and seeing everything zero out.


JOY.  There is that word again that keeps cropping up in my life!  And the truth of the matter is this – Procrastination is a JOY-stealer and it downright makes you tired.  I made a procrastination list this afternoon whist sitting at the allergist and THIS WEEK will start getting those JOY-stealers finished and crossed off the list.  What about you?  Do you have things you procrastinate about?  Make a list and tell a friend.  I have a friend who knows my list and is going to keep me honest.


A joyful heart is good medicine but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” Proverbs 17:22

2 Comments on “Procrastination

  1. Oh my, I’m sure you hit a nerve in all of us. My major procrastination was the Bible cover for my granddaughter. I set monthly goals and kept up with them til April. I did nothing in April so my “finish” month of May was doing Aprils work.
    I am happy to report that I have finished it and sewn it onto the Bible and it is ready to “go to the wedding”.

  2. My mum used to quote ’Procrastination Is The Thief Of Time’. And how right she was.

    Projects – I get nervous at the finishing line thinking that something will go wrong and it will all be ruined.

    Admin. – I hate and if I did it ‘little and often’ it wouldn’t hang over my head like the angel of gloom.

    Ironing – as above. My friend would call it Siberia – you never quite got that far!

    I reckon I am just lazy.

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