Fiber Study – Color Inspiration

Have you ever had a very special skein of yarn or braid of fiber that your eyes feast upon?  It is so beautiful that you are almost afraid to knit or spin with it because it such a delight to the eyes.  Sometimes it is all about color and letting it take the forefront instead of whatever it is you knit from that fiber.  I have a beautiful braid of fiber from Fiber Optics and it is a feast of color.  The colors are so deep and brilliant that they remind me of some of the great paintings by Titian or Raphael, not so much in the colors these famous painters used but in the sense that no photograph can do the painting true justice.  If you have been fortunate to have seen one of their painting in person then you know exactly what I mean.


This fantastic fiber gradient blend from Fiber Optics is splendid and, being such, I really don’t want to muddle the colors together when I spin the braid.  I want the color to shine!  I want the colors to stay consistent with how they are represented in the fiber.  I’ve conducted a bit of research and found a way that this can easily be accomplished.  It is all theory to me right now but the Tour de Fleece offers an opportunity to put theory into practice, right?


I believe I can keep the colors consistent in this Honey to Fig gradient if I separate the fiber into color breaks.  I’m documenting this sequence here in pictures so I can remember the order in which to spin them in.


My next step was to divide each color breaks into four equal strips.  Doing this will also help me keep this spinning project more manageable.  The strips have been put into ziplock bags to keep everything orderly and now they are ready for the start of the race.


After spinning all of the fiber onto one bobbin I will use the technique of Navajo plying.  This will allow the colors to stay consistent.  Navajo plying produces a 3ply through the process of pulling the fiber through loops and let it ply back on itself.  My one attempt doing this ended in disaster so my Bosworth Mini spindle twins are spinning Greenwood Fiber pigtails so that I can practice before I even touch the Fiber Optic very special fiber.


I will be spinning this luscious fiber on my Schacht Matchless spinning wheel for TEAM SCHACHT.  Next step…….finish plying the bobbin on my Matchless so she can start this next project.  I have a perfect pattern in mind to knit with the finished yarn that will allow the color to speak volumes but will keep it tucked away for now.  And, it will be fun to knit!

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