Have Turtle Will Travel 1

As the bikers in the Tour de France started their race thousands of spinners around the world simultaneously began the Tour de Fleece.  I spent the better part of an evening readying the Raven Ridge Targhee Top for my little Jenkins Turkish Delight to spin for the race.  She is such a dream to spin and just keeps spinning on and on all the way until she reaches the floor.  My husband has named her THE TURTLE because he thinks she looks like a turtle as the fiber wraps across the crossbars making a ‘turtle’ hump.

20140706-004859-2939697.jpgThis will be the first time I have tried Fractal spinning and I hope Little Turtle can keep up to the end of the race and finish these 4 oz.   This technique will supposedly help the colors pop better than the method I have thus far used of just splitting in long strips and spinning.  My plan of action to help Little Turtle is to take her with me wherever I go –  have turtle will travel.  I will take photos here and there of her adventures.  Yesterday she went to Summit county to be introduced to some relatives.


She didn’t much enjoy the winding mountain roads we went on to get there because she kept bumping agains my leg which, of course, makes her stop spinning dead in her tracks.  As we climbed through mountain passes she wanted to sit on my lap.


Little Turtle was more than relieved when we started up the driveway and she knew that my feet would be planted on solid ground giving her the ability to spin to her heart’s content.  The wildflowers were spectacular as we drove through the meadow and the Blue Columbines in particular were especially prolific.




Little Turtle enjoyed the beauty from the deck as she twirled around and around although……….the dogs were a little scary and one almost chomped on her.  The big one is used to hunting and I think he thought Little Turtle was an unusual bird and the little one, well….let’s just say he is a ball of energy and wants to taste everything.  It was lots of fun visiting and meeting new family (but when is that baby going to pop out again?)




The best of the whole day for Little Turtle was when she got to rest in the Turtle box and sleep the whole way home.  I let her do that because she worked hard the first day of the Tour de Fleece. Her Bossie friend wanted to spin while she slept.


Little Turtle slept through the stop in Breckenridge to visit old friends here from St. Louis.  And,


What’s this?  Little Turtle was sooooooooooooo sad she missed the most incredible rainbow the old folks had ever seen.








One Comment on “Have Turtle Will Travel 1

  1. I love both of your spinning projects!! I’m currently working on my first fractal spin as well, it’s one of my Tour de Fleece goals 🙂 I want to see how it looks on a less high contrast roving, I think it would make the colors nicely distributed throughout the yarn!

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