A New Shawl

I sometimes wonder what my dogs think about my fiber activities.  They never get in the way of the spinning wheel as my feet pedal away.  They sit patiently beside me as my hands are busy knitting never once nudging the needles aside.  As the drop spindles spin closer and closer to the floor they never  make lunges for it although, if I were a dog, it would be pretty dog-gone tempting.

The only time they really have boundary issues is when I put my blocking mats on the floor and then they feel free to walk all over whatever is being blocked.  They probably think I put it out for them as some sort of mat.  Today Kenzie stood next to me as I pinned my new shawl to the deck rails.  Does she wonder why I do such odd things?  Probably not in this instance as she was more curious about watching for little critters off the deck, believe me – nothing moving escapes her keen eye.


I just finished my Romi Hill shawl called KNITWitch.  The pattern is from Romi’s 7 Small Shawls , Year 4 Friends.  All the patterns in this series are dedicated to knitting friends she has met in recent years so this shawl is named after a friend she knows on Ravelry who calls herself Knitwitch.


This was undoubtedly the most interesting pattern I have knit in a while.  My respect for the designer has sky-rocketed ten fold and I am looking forward to knitting more of her patterns.  Knitwitch was a ‘true lace’ pattern, meaning that the design was knit on both sides of the fabric – there were no ‘resting’ rows so to speak.


A technique new to me was shaping the scallops along the edge using short rows.  Brilliant idea which added softness to the shawl.

IMG_2238Another technique new to me that I really liked was casting off with an i-cord.  This formed a little tube along the top edge of the shawl with eyelets underneath it.  I failed to take a picture of that but the really cool thing about it was that a blocking wire could be inserted through the tube to aid in blocking.

Although the shawl looks simple there is a lot of action going on in almost every row.  The only way I could truly handle that was by using the KnitCompanion program on my iPad so I could enlarge the pattern and use markers to keep me in place.  It wasn’t really a pattern I could work on with people around me and I had to do a few ‘movie-tink-backs’ when working on it through a really good movies.

This pattern used one skein of sock yarn.  Mine was knit with String Theory Blue Stocking.  I rarely say I would like to knit a pattern a second time but, with this one, I would!

IMG_9982In fact, I would cast on a second Knitwitch today if it were not for a little giraffe who is calling out to be finished.  I’m going to see my grandchild next weekend and said giraffe needs a lot of attention!




2 Comments on “A New Shawl

  1. That is really beautiful! I am sure you will really enjoy it. I must put that pattern in my to do list. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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