Seams – The First Week

With the recent revision of the Master Knitting Program Level 2,  I have decided to start afresh.  It seems like a primary focus in this level is seaming. With nineteen swatches to knit the first nine swatches all have to do with seams.  Although I cringe right now when it comes to finishing a project involving seaming I know that the purpose of this part of the program is designed to give me the confidence to tackle properly any project I take on.


photo 1

Right now the quality of my knitting most definitely does not match the quality of my finishing techniques.  I look forward to the day that, instead of dreading the finishing, I will instead enjoy it.  So without further ado, I will get going on the program and share my progress in mind.  Please keep in mind that all the swatches I share in the next months may very well need to be resubmitted to the Review Committee because they may have been done incorrectly.

photo 2


Whenever you seam a knitted garment you encounter three different type edges that must be sewn together.  Side seams, shoulder seams and the way the arm is sewn to the garment may all employ different techniques depending on the type of pattern knit in the garment.  Knowing these techniques and knowing when to use what kind of seam can greatly alter the appearance of the finished garment.  Case in point – for years I have been slipping the selvedge stitches thinking that gave a smooth edge to aid the seaming not knowing, bad idea. Instead, you need a nice sturdy edge so instead just work the stitch just as the pattern indicates.


Stockinette Seam

Reverse Stockinette Seam

Reverse Stockinette Seam

Seed Stitch Seam

Seed Stitch Seam

I have critiqued these three swatches to death and have decided, for my sanity, that it is time to move on.  I am really bogged down in this section.  These three seams have been worked and re-worked.  I have changed the color of the yarn from lavender, to beige, back to lavender and then on to soft sage.  They need to be DONE!

I know this isn’t the most exciting of posts but I wish I had known more about seams in my early knitting years.  If I had I might actually be wearing those sloppy looking garments.  If you are currently about to seam any project using the above stitch patterns just take a few moments to research and that time will be a great investment for you.

Next up……seaming ribs!

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