Mother’s Tree

A few weeks ago I went back to my optometrist because my right eye felt filmy all the time.  When she told me my cataract had grown and I needed to play the ‘waiting’ game before having it taken care of a bee got in my bonnet and I decided there were a few things in my cupboard that needed finishing.  After all, vision will only get blurrier and the decline could take from six months to six years (sigh) before corrected surgically.

There are just some crafts more taxing to the eyes than others, right?  I am on the young side for cataracts but apparently all the rounds of steroids I took for pneumonia earlier this year has accelerated their growth.


This Mother’s Tree crosstitch sampler will soon have seven generations of mothers listed below the tree with the year in which they were born.  This is stitched on 32 count linen over two stitches so I have pulled out a magnifying lamp to help me see the linen.  One thing I learned about cataracts is that you need bright light to illuminate whatever you are working on so now I have an excuse for keeping all those lights on in my house.

If you are familiar with genealogy you will know that tracing the mother’s line is most difficult.  Women were not property owners in older generations and their names rarely appeared in anything other than census records.  I can go much further back in all my other lines but this one only goes to the early nineteenth century but now I can add my granddaughter’s name to the very bottom because my daughter is her mother!

I have notebooks and notebooks of genealogical records and the computer I once stored them on is no longer serviceable.  With the fires in our recent future I really need to take time to recorded this history digitally.  Never once did I think to grab those boxes when we packed for evacuation however, I did grab some pictures I had stitched.  If it ever happens again then this Mother’s Tree will go in the car with us.  (


2 Comments on “Mother’s Tree

  1. That will be beautiful! And every stitch will mean so much. I can relate all too well to the fire situation – so many genealogy things ( and other) to put on the computer and so little time.

  2. Why do you have to wait so long for cataract surgery? They used to say that the cataract had to be “ripe” before they did the surgery…because they didn’t know how long the implants would be good for… the new implants last years….and years….your quality of sight is important to maintain…do it now! If necessary…seek another opinion. I had my left eye done 3 years ago because it was bothering me…..I am expecting the right eye to need doing some day not so far off 🙂

    It will be so worth it!

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