Kaffe Fassett MKAL in Pure Wool Worsted

Kaffe Fassett is a designer well known in both the quilting and knitting worlds as a master of color.  His quilts are typically bright and cheery and I have long admired them.  The following quilt is just a one of many beautiful quilts that array the pages of his quilting book called Stripes and Shots. kattefassettshots_p27 When Rowan Yarns announced that Mr. Fassett had designed an afghan for a featured knit-a-long I knew without hesitation that I would be one of the participants.  How could I resist the combination of well placed color and my love of wool?  People from all around the world will be participating and I pinned my name alongside theirs on the Rowan Kaffe Fassett MKAL map.  I knew that this afghan would pop and sizzle with beautiful color in my home and most likely become a conversation piece when friends visit. FullSizeRender Knitting kicked off in the UK on Wednesday, October 1,  when the first square was released on the Rowan site.   Hearing about this project only a week before the kickoff I only had the much sought after Electric in my knitting basket and had the other yarn scheduled to deliver that very day. IMG_0076As I waited anxiously for the arrival of my yarn packages I spent some time on the British Museum site looking at blue pottery and dreaming about what my afghan would become.  Can’t wait!IMG_0340 Participants could either knit an afghan, a square cushion or an oblong cushion.  Knowing me, no doubt I will be ogling over the other color options as participants start posting photos and I will end up knitting a cushion or two in other colors.  The pattern also gave two versions to choose from, one was an Increase Version utilizing a knit into the front and back of a stitch (kfb) as the increase.  The other version was a Make One Version using the left and right leaning make one increases.  I will try both techniques and decide which one is more comfortable for me.  By the way, did I mention there are lots of videos included in the KAL demonstrating the various techniques used in the afghan? IMG_0094 As I write this post all of my yarn has arrived and sits in my wash basket where it is admired every time I pass. IMG_0093 I have finished knitting the first square which measured larger than the specified size of 7.5″.  I used the Increase Method option to knit this square. IMG_0099 This afternoon I have been working on the second square using the Make One Option and a one needle size smaller.  I have seven squares to knit before the next clue is released on October 10th.  If you think you might want to participate it is never too late to join.  There is a group on Ravelry with all the details or, better yet, go straight to the Rowan site. IMG_0329

One Comment on “Kaffe Fassett MKAL in Pure Wool Worsted

  1. My attention span is generally too short for afghans, but if there were many different types of squares I might be able to trick myself into thinking of each one as a small project..

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