Friday Fiber Group

The first Friday of every month I look forward to getting together with some amazing and talented women.  This Friday Fiber Group has been meeting for over a decade in various homes, most living on the west side of Pikes Peak out in my neck of the woods.  Almost all of them come with a spinning wheel which is what peaked my interest initially.

They spin, weave, knit, dye yarn and some raise their own animals as fiber sources.  Some teach in shops or at wool festivals, some sell their wares and some I just hope will rub off on me magically.  I truly admire these ladies and feel minuscule in their presence but they are all kind and eager to help me along my own fiber journey.


This morning it was hard to crawl out of bed having just gotten my flu shot and feeling rather achey.   The fact that It was only twenty-seven degrees outside didn’t help much but then, when I remembered it was Friday Fiber Group, I suddenly had more eagerness to hop on out of my warm bed and not linger any longer.  Having a little red sweater that is under a deadline I almost decided to bring it instead of my travel wheel but then I decided it was, after all, fun to spin with others.

The whirl of the wheels and the chattering of fiber friends can be quite relaxing and enjoyable,  One can spin somewhat mindlessly and not have to concentrate as you do when whilst knitting.  So off I went with my Kromski to rendezvous with knitting buddy Carol so we could carpool together.


Wanting to take photos of the changing aspen along the way I was disappointed that fog had settled in.  Nonetheless, I still took photos and it was a still beautiful ride despite the fog.  I can only imagine it is stunning when the skies are their normal brilliant blue.  We traveled down into a beautiful valley on a road that disappeared into the horizon.  Can you see in the photo how far we drove?  I had not been in this part of my county before nor had my friend so we felt like we were on an adventure exploring .  It is interesting to me how the aspen change colors faster in some spots of the county than other spots, here it seemed there was still some green on the trees.


Our hostess lives in the oldest log cabin in the county.  In fact, it was on the Pony Express route and was the last place to stay to freshen up or change out your horses before heading over Wilkerson Pass.  How cool is that?  A picturesque setting carved out amidst beautiful rock formations, this place was truly beautiful.


There being twelve ladies, we spread out between the kitchen and den and got busy with our wheels right away.  The conversation is always interesting and stimulating varying from current events to things we do with our fiber.  We gather around the table at lunchtime and eat whatever our gracious hostess has made.


This time Evelyn had made lentil soup on her stove from the 1920’s which she says is always an adventure in and of itself.  We had fresh baked bread, coleslaw and cheesecake for desert.  I’m enjoying getting to know these ladies and hear their life stories.

When mid-afternoon arrived we slowly gathered our fiber and fiber tools and reluctantly left.  It seems like every time I go to Friday Fiber Day it is over before it has just begun! Before we left we had to venture through the 150 year old barn to see the burros out back.  They each  came to greet us and get a good forehead rub.


One Comment on “Friday Fiber Group

  1. You tell it so well Becky! I was along for the ride, and enjoyed every moment of it. So glad you had your camera….. I had mine but left the card in the laptop at home. lol

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