Yarn Along on a Frozen Icicle Day

On this frozen icicle kind of day I am following Ginny and her peeps on a Yarn Along to share what I am currently reading and what is on the needles.  Well, I am always reading several books at once and knitting several things at the same time but today I will tell you about two books and one project on the needles.


I’m reading a light-hearted book that is entertaining and keeps me chuckling called Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut.  Before I started it one reviewer said –

I have a strong belief that Vonnegut was a really baroque spider who weaved webs more intricate than any other. And these cobwebs are not normal ones. They are fractal webs. Designs within designs. The more you understand, the more there is to understand. The deeper you go, the meaninglessness of everything comes about.

Indeed, the webs are ‘intricate, designs within designs’ but I don’t feel like Vonnegut is a Baroque spider but instead a master of puzzle pieces.  The chapters are short and I feel like each one paints a mosaic which in some way fits into the puzzle piece of the subsequent chapter.  I feel like I’m putting together a mosaic puzzle similar to the mosaic puzzle my daughter and I are currently working on – a mosaic within a mosaic.  It was been a long time since I read a work as masterful as Cat’s Cradle.  I will give you more of a review when I finish it but simplistically put it is a story of a reporter interviewing people who knew the scientist who invented the atomic bomb.  Each person has a bizarre story to tell abut this man and his family and the brilliant gift he bequeathed them called ‘Ice Nine.’  For me it is a page turner and it has been a while since I’ve had one of those.


The other book I’m reading is in the series of books is a classic book of faith and devotion.  A friend challenged me to read it along with her and get together weekly to discuss it.  Sin and Temptation, written by the great Puritan theologian John Owen will no doubt be accompanied by meaty and soul wrenching discussions.  In the preface the reader has been cautioned to read the book slowly, meditatively and reflectively so I already know I’m not going to rush through it like a detective novel!  I will instead need to make time for its slow digestion, make space for the thoughts within the pages to enter into my heart and discipline myself to let new insights ‘stick’ and become part of my character.


I’m finishing up a cowl called Namesake by Michelle Hunter.  It was a mystery knit along conducted last fall but I’m only now working on it. It is almost finished so I hope to show it to you soon.  I seem to be knitting a lot of charcoal gray things lately and this one, knit with Hikoo’s SimpliNatural is soft and lovely.  The yarn is 40% Baby Alpaca, 40% Fine Merino Wool and 20% Mulberry Silk and will be a little bit of luxury wrapped around my neck.

4 Comments on “Yarn Along on a Frozen Icicle Day

  1. Enjoy your posts so much! I get to see it around your neck, right? I need to talk with you about the socks. I’m ready to start the pattern (chart).
    Will uyou be going to WP on Saturday?

  2. Greetings from warm, sunny California. I wish I could send you some of our warm weather. The cowl you’re making looks lovely as does the yarn.

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