Master Knitting Monday with Frozen Pine Trees Outside


The world is frozen outside and the roads are icy so my allergist canceled coming up Ute Pass for those of us on the other side of Pikes Peak.  I really should take down the Christmas wreaths that still hang on my windows but there has been snow accumulation since they went up and I don’t dare get on a ladder.


The dogs watch me as I take outdoor photographs and I know they are hoping we will go for a walk through the snow.  That won’t be happening today, one misplaced step and down I would go!  Maybe tomorrow.


Instead, I will head down to my study and finish writing the pattern for Swatch 10, a lace design.  I don’t have much to share with you on this pattern writing process other than to say I am staying on target with my New Year’s Resolution of tackling four swatches a month for the course.  I’m not rushing through this course as some do.  I want the things I am learning to sink in deep and stick.


I inherited my father-in-law’s office furniture when he passed away last year.  I used to love visiting with him in his study so this furniture is extra special to me.  My husband has his own study and he thought it would be an excellent idea to turn one of our guest bedrooms into a special place for me.  So come on in!



If you were to come visit me, you would sit across from my desk in a comfy leather chair.  I have two of them on either side of my old dining room hutch.  I discovered early on that they are perfect chairs for spinning so one of them is dedicated exclusively for that purpose.



I would sit in my comfy desk chair with this cute lumbar pillow.  I spend lots of time in this chair and even prefer to watch Netflix here in my study as I knit instead of out in the family room.


My knitting reference library sits alongside the credenza.  I like having these books within easy reach as I do my knitting research for the MHK2 course.  I can spread all my books out on the credenza as or, if I am sewing, I can set up my machine on the credenza.


One of my favorite things in this room is the cork board my daughter made me with wine corks.  It is covered with knitting swatches, some are to check gauge and some are to try out a pattern before proceeding with it.  It is always a reminder to me of the importance of knitting a gauge swatch.  If anything has ‘stuck’ going through this course it is the importance of gauge.


The dining room cabinet sits across from my desk and I use it for storage.  The drawers are stuffed with yarn and other knitting tools.  The hutch contains projects that are ‘in process’ or that need to be finished.  I’m sentimental about this cabinet because it was one of our first big purchases after marrying thirty-two years ago so I held on to it when I gave the dining room table away.  I eventually want to replace the knobs with some fun knobs, something unique and colorful perhaps.

Well, that’s it.  You have seen where I like to hang out and play with fiber!  Do you have a special place you like to knit?

3 Comments on “Master Knitting Monday with Frozen Pine Trees Outside

  1. Love your space ~ it’s perfect & very comfy, thanks for sharing it. Mine is still in the works, being organized and such. Foggy & snowy down this way, too. It’s so beautiful though 🙂

  2. It may be January on the calendar yet your wreaths still seem to fit in with all the snow! Your dogs are so sweet, looking outside.

  3. The other side of the Mountain is so beautiful! All our snow down in the Springs is melting. Thanks for sharing your space! I just downloaded MK level 1 so will be following your blog to see how level 2 goes. And… my Westie Gwin will be keeping me company while I work on it.

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